The Streets at SouthGlenn

Fountain and sign at Streets at SouthGlenn

The Streets at SouthGlenn is a mixed-use center that includes shopping, dining, living and working options that serve the neighborhood, the City, and the region. It is located at the southwest corner of Arapahoe Road and University Boulevard in the City of Centennial.

The owners of The Streets at SouthGlenn have submitted the final version of plans to the City to allow for redevelopment at the site- specifically at the farthest north and south areas (the vacant Sears and eventually the Macy’s site). Currently, there are 214 residential units and the plan allows for 350. The developer is requesting it to go from 350 to 1,125 units.

On November 10, 2021 the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended City Council approval of the proposed MDP amendments by a vote of 7-0.

Thank you to those that have provided written comments about the submitted proposal. Those comments will be shared with City Council as part of the public record prior to the public hearing scheduled for December 6 and 7. 

A regular meeting for a City Council Public Hearing is scheduled for 7 p.m. on December 6, 2021. A special meeting for a City Council Public Hearing is scheduled for 7 p.m. on December 7, 2021. You may also attend the City Council Public Hearing to share comments in person or email us at You can also listen to the meeting online.

In accordance with the Public Health Order currently in place, masks are required when indoors.

What Is Proposed?

The project’s Letter of Intent notes the proposed changes, which are highlighted below.


Require a minimum 25,000 square foot public open space within the South Redevelopment Area (the “Sears Parcel”) to be provided prior to final occupancy of the first residential building.

Residential Dwelling Units

Increase the allowed number of residential units from 350 units to a total of 1,125 units.
- Currently, there are 214 residential units within The Portola at SouthGlenn apartment building.

Modify the permitted height on the Sears parcel and the Macy’s parcel from 50 ft. to 75 ft.
- The current allowable building heights within The Streets at SouthGlenn vary across the site. No building is allowed to exceed 100 ft. For context, the current tallest building is the office building north of the existing Sears building at 85 ft.

Provide an open space area along the north side of E. Easter Ave. to serve residential development at the Sears Parcel.
-The Developer would be required to provide a minimum of 25,000 square feet of contiguous public open space, green space, passive recreation, or common public space to serve residential development at the Sears Parcel.


Decrease the required amount of retail from 909,815 sq. ft. to 621,000 sq. ft.
- Currently, there is 948,853 sq. ft. of leasable retail area, including the Sears and Macy’s buildings, which are approximately 307,000 sq. ft. combined.


Increase the minimum required building setbacks within the South Redevelopment Area (the “Sears Parcel”) along S. Race St. and E. Easter Ave.


Update the SouthGlenn Sign Criteria to ensure that sign criteria are assigned to future redevelopment of the Sears and Macy’s parcel.
- Currently, the SouthGlenn Sign Criteria does not identify how to apply sign standards to any redevelopment proposals for the Sears and Macy’s parcels.

Technical Clean-up

The Master Development Plan (MDP) Amendment incorporates other minor amended items within the documents that support the above amended items.
- Technical clean-up allows for the amendments to be incorporated into the existing document without creating confusion.


- Rezone the 1.3 acre parcel at the northeast corner of E. Easter Ave. and S. Race St. to the MDP (2001 E. Easter Ave.)

View Submitted Plans

View documents for the City Council meetings (December 6 & 7):

View previously submitted documents:

View documents for Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing (November 9 & 10):

Have Your Say

Following public hearings, the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council are required to make decisions based upon specific criteria as set forth below. The public may provide comments about the proposed development through both the project website, the project email address and the public hearings before the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council.

The specific criteria is:

  1. The amendment is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan (Centennial NEXT);
  2. The amendment is consistent with the intent of the overall design and mixed-use concept of the Master Development Plan; (consistent look and feel)
  3. The amendment will provide public benefits to the project and the City as a whole;
  4. The amendment is to not present the likelihood of the project not meeting the requirements of the MDA or any financial obligations concerning the project; and
  5. The amendment is compatible with or will not materially and adversely affect existing development on adjacent properties, or measures will be taken to substantially buffer or otherwise substantially mitigate any incompatibility or adverse impacts.

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More Information

Beginning in 2009, The Streets at SouthGlenn project debuted as a mixed-use center that includes shopping, dining, living, and working options. The section below provides the project's background and an archival of project documents. 

Project Background

In 2019, the owners of The Streets at SouthGlenn, Alberta Development Partners and Northwood Investors presented a vision to City Council for The Streets at SouthGlenn, acknowledging the changing retail environment. This vision would result in changes to the Master Development Plan (MDP) and Master Development Agreement (MDA) to allow for additional redevelopment which may include retail, residential, office, and entertainment uses. The proposed changes only affect the farthest north and south areas of the center including the locations of the existing Sears and Macy’s buildings. The majority of The Streets at SouthGlenn would remain the same.

In 2006, the City entered into an agreement, the MDA, with the owner to establish the process by which the Southglenn Mall was redeveloped. The MDA required a submittal of a MDP that established the zoning and regulations for the redevelopment. The City approved the original MDP for The Streets at SouthGlenn simultaneously with the MDA in 2006.

Major amendments to the approved MDP (as defined by the MDA) must go to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council for consideration.

Archive of Documents

You can view archived information here.

Process & FAQs

View The Streets at SouthGlenn FAQs and the Review Process & Timeline.


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