Housing Cost and Availability in Centennial


The City of Centennial has launched a Housing Study to explore housing costs and availability in Centennial and to understand the entire spectrum of housing issues, define various needs for housing and identify priorities to potentially inform policy.

This study is a major undertaking that prioritizes community input and collaboration among a wide range of community stakeholders. It is anticipated to take one-year to complete this study.

Engage Today!

The City plans to send various communication such as e-newsletters to those willing to be involved and provide input and will include three major milestones:

  • Housing Needs Assessment
  • Public Engagement on Housing Strategies and Development of Housing Policy
  • Land Development Code modifications and other policy action 

Strategy 101:Fee Waiver

The Fee Waiver strategy would involve the creation of a program to subsidize or otherwise reduce local development review fees, including but not limited to building permit fees, planning waivers, and water and sewer tap fees, for affordable housing development. This strategy is intended to reduce some of the application costs associated with an affordable housing project. It works by identifying the required fees across the various review points in a development application (e.g., rezoning approvals, building permit, construction drawings) and reducing or eliminating some of those fees. Learn more about the Fee Waiver strategy here(PDF, 397KB).


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Did You Know? 

In 2021, the Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 21-1271 to encourage local governments to look at 14 strategies intended to promote affordable housing development. Affordable housing developments are not “one-size-fits-all.” They actually exist in a variety of shapes, sizes, structures, and income levels, so a 15th strategy was created to allow local governments to propose their own ideas and innovative strategies not included in the bill. A conversation with Centennial City Council identified seven (7) of the bill’s proposed strategies and two (2) innovative strategies that Centennial should explore further. These include some of the public’s inquiries and requests (such as potentially allowing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) or requiring developers to include affordable housing) and some that are less commonly in the public view. 

Upcoming Events

Housing Workshops

The next housing workshop is scheduled for October 4. Learn about housing trends in Centennial, areas of need identified in our Housing Needs Assessment, and strategies being considered. Please note, each Housing Workshop is unique. These meetings do not address the same topics. If you are not available to attend a meeting please check back on this webpage to listen to the presentation in Past Housing Presentations below. You may provide any input or ask any questions via email at housing@centennialco.gov.

Housing Workshop #3
  • Date: October 4th, 2022
  • Time: 6:00pm–8:00pm
  • Format: Introductory Presentation followed by Q&A and Open House
  • Location: Newton Middle School, 4401 E. Arapahoe Rd

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City Community Events

Look for the Housing booth at Centennial’s summer socials and events at Centennial Center Park. 

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Past Housing Presentations

Who's Involved?

In addition to open public outreach, four formal groups/types of groups will be convened over the next year to help guide the Housing Study process. Learn about who's involved and more here.

Past Housing Council Presentations:

Past Housing Working Group Presentations:

Past Housing Workshop Presentations:

August 9th Workshop: View the presentation slides here(PDF, 2MB)To provide feedback on these topics, complete the Previous Question of the Week surveys above. 

May 17th Workshop: 

2021 Housing Research Efforts

City Council heard from a variety of local housing experts from across the Metro Denver Region. The following are some of the takeaways found here(PDF, 130KB).

South Metro Denver Housing Tour: Exploration through the South Metro Denver area of a variety of housing types and price points.