General Improvement Districts

General Improvement Districts (GIDs) are local taxing entities created for the purpose of constructing, operating or maintaining specific public improvements or certain services within the district.

Four GIDs currently exist in the City of Centennial, three of which were established prior to the City's incorporation. Under state law, the City is responsible for the governance and fiscal oversight of GIDs.

Current GIDs

1. Antelope Water System
Established: December 6, 2004
Purpose: Water distribution system
Representative: Linda Lehrer

2. Cherry Park
Established: April 27, 1987
Purpose: Landscape improvements and establishment of park/greenbelt
Representative: Carter Bell

3. Foxridge
Established: November 19, 1990
Purpose: Landscaping improvements, future recreation facilities
Representative: Martha Riley

4. Walnut Hills
Established: September 22, 1992
Purpose: Landscape improvements, future recreation facilities
Representative: Andrea Suhaka