Roadway Projects

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1. Overview


The City of Centennial commits to strategic and budgetary planning for the construction of new improvements and preservation of the City’s infrastructure.

Improvements may include street rehabilitation, road widening, new traffic signals, new recreational trails, parks and other pieces of infrastructure.

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2. Arapahoe Road Bridge Replacement

Project: Arapahoe Road Bridge Replacement over Big Dry Creek
Entity: City-led
Estimated End: Spring 2023

Learn more about this project on the Arapahoe Road Bridge page.

3. Chester St. and Mineral Cir./Jones Ave. Traffic Signal

Project: Chester St. and Mineral Cir./Jones Ave. Traffic Signal
Estimated Completion: December 2022
Project Overview: The City of Centennial consultants are currently working to design a new traffic signal at the intersection of Chester St. and Mineral Cir./Jones Ave. as part of the new District development. The design is nearly complete, and construction is expected to begin in July 2022 and completed by December 31, 2022.

map of new traffic signal at the intersection of Chester St. and Mineral Cir./Jones Ave


4. Orchard Road Widening

Project: Orchard Road Widening
Estimated Completion: December 2022
Project Description: The intent of this project is to widen the south side of Orchard Road from Ogden Court east to the High Line Canal, adding a curb and gutter, sidewalk, and an underground storm line. The City is working in collaboration with the Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA) and a design consultant to add curb, gutter, sidewalk, storm sewer infrastructure, and an additional turn lane on Orchard Road from S. Ogden Ct. to the High Line Canal. Xcel will be undergrounding their power lines within these limits and east to S. University Blvd. Other telecommunication utilities will be relocating their infrastructure out of the way for the City’s project.



5. S Alton Way Sidewalks and Street Lighting

Project: S Alton Way Sidewalks and Street Lighting
Estimated Completion: May, 2023
Project Description: The City is working alongside the Southgate at Centennial Metropolitan District and Southeast Public Improvement Metro District (SPIMD) to construct a new attached sidewalk to complete a pedestrian connection through S Alton Way. This project will install new street lighting as well with options of innovative smart lighting systems.

Below is a conceptual design map. Please note that the blue line is the proposed sidewalk and yellow is the extent of the new lighting installation. There is also a proposed crosswalk where S. Alton Ct connects with S. Alton Way.

map showing new sidewalk along S Alton Way

6. Street Rehabilitation Program

Project: The City of Centennial is regularly conducts street rehabilitation and creates a map of upcoming projects. Click below to view the 2022 Street Rehabilitation Program.
Entity: City-led

View the 2022 Street Rehabilitation Projects Map 

7. I-25 and Dry Creek Road Improvements 

Project: Improvements at I-25 and Dry Creek Road
Estimated Completion: December 2022
Project Description: A ramp and intersection improvement project is underway at Dry Creek Road and I-25. Work will take place on the westbound Dry Creek Road to southbound I-25 on-ramp as well as the larger intersection of Dry Creek Road and I-25. The scope of work includes median widening and extension, traffic signal replacement, ramp metering installation and upgrading pedestrian ramps to ADA standards. This project will enhance the safety and functionality of these highly traveled intersections and is part of a larger statewide commitment to improve accessibility for multimodal travelers. Work is anticipated to be complete at the end of December 2022.

Travel Impacts: Working hours will range from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Travelers may experience single lane closures, alternating in direction on east and westbound Dry Creek Road with at least one through lane of traffic open at all times. Additionally, there will be shoulder closures and single lane closures on the southbound I-25 on-ramp throughout the duration of the project with a possible overnight shutdown to install overhead signage. The public will be given advanced warning if a full ramp closure is to take place. Motorists should slow down as they approach the work zones, drive with caution, allow extra space between vehicles and give themselves extra travel time. To get real time information on this project and others across the state, please check Or, sign up for alerts at:

Project Contact Information
For additional information about this project, contact the project team.
Project website:
Project information hotline: 970-880-4741
Project/study/other email:

Map of I-25 and Dry Creek Intersection Project Work Zones

8. Arapahoe Road Improvement Project

Project: Arapahoe Road Improvement

Project Overview: Arapahoe County has identified operational and safety improvements for Arapahoe Road between South Lewiston Way and South Buckley Road. Operational and safety concerns identified include traffic congestion that blocks the eastbound to northbound left-turn lane movement to Olathe Street. As well as eastbound Arapahoe Road to northbound Buckley Road left-turners, causing additional congestion. 

Arapahoe Road Improvement Recommendations Include: 1) Extending the turn lanes for eastbound Arapahoe Road to northbound South Buckley Road. 2) Closing the median break at Olathe Street. 3) Extending the turn lanes for westbound Arapahoe Road to southbound South Lewiston Way. 

For more information and updates please visit the Arapahoe County website.