Roadway Projects

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1. Overview


The City of Centennial commits to strategic and budgetary planning for the construction of new improvements and preservation of the City’s infrastructure.

Improvements may include street rehabilitation, road widening, new traffic signals, new recreational trails, parks and other pieces of infrastructure.

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2. Arapahoe Road Bridge Replacement

Project: Arapahoe Road Bridge Replacement over Big Dry Creek
Entity: City-led
Estimated End: By the end of 2023

Learn more about this project on the Arapahoe Road Bridge page.

3. Arapahoe Rd. and Clarkson St. Traffic Signal

Project Description: This project was selected to receive funding as part of the Safer Main Streets Initiative for the design of the new traffic signal and multimodal improvements at Arapahoe Rd. and Clarkson St. The City has been working with designers to have the overhead distribution lines raised in order to accommodate the signal. Construction to raise the lines has been completed. Installation of the transformer to power the signal is the next phase. Construction is anticipated to begin in November 2023.

Learn more about this project on the Arapahoe & Clarkson Traffic Signal page.

4. Arapahoe Road Improvement Project

Project Description: Arapahoe County has identified operational and safety improvements for Arapahoe Road between S. Lewiston Way and S. Buckley Rd. Operational and safety concerns identified include traffic congestion that blocks the eastbound to northbound left-turn lane movement to Olathe St. As well as eastbound Arapahoe Rd. to northbound Buckley Rd. left-turners, causing additional congestion. 

Arapahoe Road Improvement Recommendations Include: 1) Extending the turn lanes for eastbound Arapahoe Rd. to northbound S. Buckley Rd. 2) Closing the median break at Olathe St. 3) Extending the turn lanes for westbound Arapahoe Rd. to southbound S. Lewiston Way. 

For more information and updates please visit the Arapahoe County website.

5. Arapahoe Road Side-Paths

Project Description: As the City’s only major east/west road and a main arterial in the southern region, sidewalk connectivity along Arapahoe Rd. between I-25 and Parker Rd. has been a focus. Side-paths are larger sidewalks, typically double the size, which allows for more accessibility, modes of transportation and additional room for people to come and go. Construction of these side-paths to fill in gaps between existing sidewalks along with other improvements include ADA curb ramps and bus stop enhancements. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2025.

6. Broadway Corridor Study

Study Overview: The City of Littleton is leading a study of the Broadway Corridor between I-25 and Highlands Ranch Pkwy. This 11-mile stretch of Broadway provides local and regional connections through the City and County of Denver, Arapahoe County, Douglas County, the cities of Englewood, Littleton and Centennial. This project is a joint effort with these agencies to review the transportation and land use conditions along this section of Broadway.

The study will establish a cohesive vision for the corridor’s future and identify improvements to celebrate and connect the unique identities of the surrounding communities, foster economic vibrancy, provide safe and comfortable spaces, and support regional mobility options for all.

Throughout the study, the city of Littleton will provide several additional collaboration opportunities for residents and businesses to share ideas on how to improve the experience along Broadway.

Project website: Visit for more information.

7. Colorado Blvd. Multimodal Improvements

Project Description: Multimodal improvements are planned along Colorado Blvd., from Arapahoe Rd. to Dry Creek Rd., to enhance safety, create more direct routes for pedestrians and cyclists, and improve connectivity to the neighborhoods and schools in the area. Planning is underway, and construction is estimated to begin in 2026.

Learn more about the study phase of this project on the Colorado Boulevard Multimodal Study page.

8. County Line Road Widening

Project Duration: About 24 months

Project DescriptionFrom 2019 to 2022, Douglas County has worked with partners to advance the final design, acquire right-of-way and prepare utility relocation design for a major water line located within the project area. This project will include a new traffic signal at the Clarkson St. / County Line Rd. intersection, a mill and overlay for the portion of the road within the City of Littleton located between Phillips Ave. and Broadway, as well as adding sidewalks. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2024. For more information, visit the County Line Road Widening Project page.

9. Easter Ave. and Joliet St. Traffic Signal

Project Description: This project will construct a new traffic signal at this intersection of Easter Ave. and Joliet St. /Kenton St. Design started in March of 2022 and has been completed. Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2023 to early 2024.

10. Havana St. and Easter Ave. Improvements

Project Description: The City plans to make operational improvements at the intersection of Havana St. and Easter Ave. Updates include traffic flow enhancements, along with pedestrian and bicycle improvements. Overall, it will strengthen Easter Ave. (and Broncos Pkwy.) as an alternative to Arapahoe Rd. for east-west traffic. Planning is currently underway, and construction is anticipated to begin in early 2026.

11. Holly St. and Easter Ave. Crosswalk

Project Description: This project was selected to receive funding as part of the Safer Main Streets Initiative for the construction of a new pedestrian hybrid beacon system, sidewalk improvements and trail connections on Holly St. just south of Easter Ave. A raised median and curb ramps will also be constructed to increase pedestrian safety and visibility to other drivers and bicyclists allowing safer access to the Willow Spring Open Space. Design plans have been finalized, and construction is anticipated to begin in late 2023 to early 2024. 

12. Orchard Road Widening

Estimated Completion: Spring 2024

Project Description: The intent of this project is to widen the south side of Orchard Rd. from Ogden Ct. east to the High Line Canal, adding a curb and gutter, sidewalk, and an underground storm line. The City will be installing an additional turn lane on Orchard Rd. from S. Ogden Ct. to the High Line Canal as well as add curb, gutter, sidewalk and storm sewer infrastructure. Xcel will be undergrounding power lines within these limits and east to S. University Blvd. Other telecommunication utilities will be relocating infrastructure out of the way for the City’s project.



13. S. Alton Way Sidewalks and Street Lighting

Estimated Completion: Spring 2024

Project Description: The City is working alongside the Southgate at Centennial Metropolitan District and Southeast Public Improvement Metro District (SPIMD) to construct a new attached sidewalk to complete a pedestrian connection through S. Alton Way. This project will install new street lighting as well with options of innovative smart lighting systems.

Below is a conceptual design map. Please note that the blue line is the proposed sidewalk and yellow is the extent of the new lighting installation. There is also a proposed crosswalk where S. Alton Ct. connects with S. Alton Way.

map showing new sidewalk along S Alton Way

14. Southgate Water Main Replacement Project

Estimated Completion: End of 2023

Traffic Alert: Yosemite St. Lane Closures to Begin May 1 between County Line Rd. and Easter Ave.

Project Description: The Southgate Water District is replacing a 60-year cast iron water main that runs under Yosemite St. The Centennial stretch of Yosemite St. from County Line Rd. to Easter Rd. is scheduled to begin on May 1 and will include various lane closures. Work is anticipated to be complete in November 2023 and delays should be expected. Alternate routes are advised.

This water main was originally installed in 1962 and has had two significant failures in the last eight years. The total extent of this large and complex project is from Easter Ave. in Centennial to Brook Hill Dr. (near Lincoln Ave.) in Lone Tree. The Centennial portion consists of the replacement of 8,600 feet of water line.

Ongoing updates, schedules and emergency contacts are available on Southgate Water District’s website at

15. Street Rehabilitation Program

Project Description: The City of Centennial is regularly conducts street rehabilitation and creates a map of upcoming projects. Click below to view the 2023 Street Rehabilitation Program.
Entity: City-led

View the 2023 Street Rehabilitation Projects Map