About Us

The City of Centennial was formed as an intentional community, founded through self-determination.

We’re proud to be regularly recognized as one of the safest cities. With more than 108,000 residents we strive to provide exceptional service to our residents, businesses and those working in our community. That’s what makes Centennial special.

Our Customer Service Commitment

At Centennial, we honor our Service-Oriented value, by putting our community first. Our staff demonstrates their commitment by serving our community, with the best in:

  • Ownership – We provide intentional and proactive service; we are empowered to anticipate needs and implement solutions.
  • Integrity – We have respect for ourselves, our jobs and the people we interact with and we connect with others through honest, focused and straightforward conversations.
  • Responsiveness – We acknowledge concerns, questions and requests; we strive to provide a timely and accurate response.