Arapahoe Bridge over Big Dry Creek Replacement Project is Complete

Arapahoe Bridge over big Dry Creek

The reconstruction of the bridge over Big Dry Creek Road on Arapahoe Rd., east of University Blvd., is officially complete. The prior bridge was built in 1945 and was past its useful life. The enhanced bridge features a wider, taller and longer structure, significantly improving safety for the traveling public. 

New Bridge Facts

  • It is almost twice as long as the previous bridge: 78 feet in length vs. 40 feet.
  • It is approximately 27 feet wider than the previous bridge.
  • There is an additional travel lane in each direction.
  • There is a new 6.5 foot wide sidewalk on both sides of the new bridge.
  • The new bridge is approximately 107 feet wide, while the previous bridge was approximately 80 feet wide.
  • The new bridge is approximately 5 to 6 feet higher than the previous bridge.
  • Over 20,000 vehicles travel the bridge daily.

The bridge reconstruction aligns with the City’s vision of a connected community where neighborhoods matter with its improved pedestrian and bike path trail along Big Dry Creek. It also aligns with one of the City’s strategic goals of Transportation and Mobility where the City provides a safe, efficient, and reliable transportation system to move people, goods and services. This new bridge enhances safety and reliability to the critical Arapahoe Road corridor for the next 75 years.

We invite you to view before, during and after images and videos of construction.