Spools of fiber cables ready to go into the ground
In 2018, the City of Centennial completed construction of a 432-fiber strand backbone that connects key City sites and provides opportunities for community anchor institutions.


The completion of the backbone also enables both existing and new broadband providers to tie into the new infrastructure with the goal of providing better and more competitive choices and services for the City's residents.


View a map reflecting the Central, East and West rings of the fiber backbone and where City-owned fiber is deployed throughout Centennial.

Dark Fiber Leasing

Centennial FiberWorks Schedule of Rates

The City of Centennial's FiberWorks initiative is offering dark fiber leases on its 50-mile fiber network for the City’s businesses, Internet service providers (ISPs), community anchor institutions and government entities. Centennial has already executed multiple dark fiber leases ranging from one year to 20 years and is looking to further utilize its network through dark fiber leases in the community. Centennial is offering flexible lease options suited to the needs of our community members and is able to expand the network to underserved areas. 

If you’re interested in leasing from the City’s 432-strand dark fiber network for a point-to-point lease connecting your facilities or to connect to a data center, please email or call 303-754-3322 for more information.

View Centennial FiberWorks Schedule of Rates(PDF, 200KB)

Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) Pricing (Standard Agreement)*

20 Year Lease Upfront Payment**

Fiber Strands Price Per Pair, Per Fiber Mile
 12 (Full Buffer Tube)  $2,750.00

* Standard agreement pricing is based on City’s basic form of agreement; modifications of terms and conditions may increase or decrease pricing. Unless otherwise authorized by the City, the minimum amount of fibers that the City will lease pursuant to an IRU agreement will be 12 fibers (one full buffer tube).

**One time set-up and interconnection fees may apply. 

 Routine Fiber Maintenance for IRU Agreement

Price Per Route Mile - Annual


Short Term Lease *

Customer Monthly Lease Rate: Per Mile, Per Fiber Pair** 
 Community Anchor Institution  $110.00
 Commercial / Private  $137.00
 Carrier / Internet Service Provider (ISP)  $275.00

* Short term lease pricing is based on City’s basic form of lease for a period of 5 years or less; changes in term or modifications of terms and conditions may increase or decrease pricing. The minimum amount of fibers that the City will lease is one pair.

**One time set-up and interconnection fees may apply; routine maintenance included within lease rate. Payments to the City will be made annually. 

Extraterritorial Customer Service Fee

Extraterritorial use of the City Fiber Network by a lessee is not permitted without written City consent provided to the lessee in advance of lessee’s offering of service outside of the City’s corporate boundaries. When the City consents to the extraterritorial use of the City’s Fiber Network, the lessee shall pay to the City, on an annual basis, an extraterritorial customer service fee of Five Dollars and Fifty Cents ($5.50) per residential subscriber and/or Eleven Dollars ($11.00) per business subscriber assessed to such subscriber on a monthly basis. The extraterritorial customer service fee shall increase by three percent (3%) each year (e.g., in 2022 the fee will be $5.67 per residential subscriber and $11.33 per business subscriber per month). 

 Interconnection Fee

The City may assess a connection charge or fee for any lessee connection of lessee-owned fiber to the City’s Fiber Network. Such connection charge or fee shall be assessed based on the City’s contracted engineering firm’s rates on a cost-plus basis of ten percent (10%).

The rates listed above serve as a framework for offering prices to both the private and public sectors for lease of the City’s Fiber Network. However, all leases may be subject to individual negotiation.

Key Accomplishments

  • Completed more than 50 miles of construction.
  • Installed a fiber facility to securely safeguard and manage the fiber backbone.
  • Executed a 20-year lease and O&M agreement with Ting Fiber and have provisioned a buffer tube of fiber for Ting’s use on the Central Fiber Ring. Ting is currently building out lateral connections to Centennial's residents.
  • Executed a lease agreement with Avata Networks to provide broadband services to businesses and residents.
  • Executed two IGAs with Cherry Creek School District for lease of fiber on the Central Fiber Ring to connect four facilities.
  • Executed a lease agreement with SEAKR Engineering to provide connectivity between two facilities.

As the City utilizes its fiber backbone and continues to develop partnership opportunities, City Council has created a Fiber Commission to oversee Centennial FiberWorks, a program to implement the City’s fiber backbone. 


History of Fiber in Centennial


Centennial voters overwhelmingly supported the City's intention to create a new fiber broadband infrastructure for the City. The passing of ballot question 2G allowed the City to indirectly provide services through competitive and nonexclusive partnerships with private businesses.


City Council developed goals and adopted a Fiber Master Plan. View the Fiber Master Plan(PDF, 5MB).


City Council allocated $5.7 million to implement the City's Fiber Master Plan and begin constructing the 50-mile fiber backbone.


As of November 2018, the construction is complete and the fiber backbone is being implemented.

graphic of fiber timeline