Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

monitors with traffic displays for the ITS room

What is ITS?

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) use advanced technologies (including vehicle speed and volume sensors, traffic monitoring cameras) to better manage traffic and other modes of transportation through the use of real-time traffic data to adapt our systems to changes in traffic flow, including incident management related to accidents and weather. The City’s goal is to enable users to be better informed to make safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of the City’s streets.

What is the purpose of cameras and sensors on traffic signals?

In short, their purpose is to improve traffic flow on the City’s busiest roads.

Centennial is implementing ITS through an integrated communications system that connects to the City’s fiber network and Traffic Management Center. Part of this implementation involved the installation of 64 closed-circuit cameras at high-traffic intersections and travel-time monitoring sensor equipment on major corridors. The cameras and sensors are used to monitor real-time traffic conditions.

How is the City using the information?

Recently the cities of Centennial, Greenwood Village and Lone Tree completed a pilot project to manage and reduce traffic congestion across jurisdictional boundaries. The cities partnered on Yosemite Street between Lincoln Avenue and Belleview Avenue to install a new adaptive signal system and sensors that enable the timing of signals to be adjusted in real time as traffic patterns and volumes change throughout the day.

The Yosemite Street pilot project was successfully completed in October 2020. This Yosemite Street pilot was identified as the first step in the City’s ITS Master Plan implementation.

View View the City's ITS Master Plan(PDF, 5MB).

What happens next?

The City plans to expand this adaptive signal system in 2021 to the Arapahoe Road and the Dry Creek Road corridors west of I-25. The expansion will continue in 2022 and beyond to other major corridors in the City east of I-25, such as Smoky Hill Road, Jordan Road, and Himalaya Street east of Parker Road.

View a map of upcoming ITS project locations(PDF, 928KB).