2021 Citizen Survey

The City contracted with Polco/National Research Center, Inc. to conduct the Citizen Survey. The survey was sent to 5,000 Centennial residents for scientific results. Later it was opened online to the public for supplemental web results.

View the results below:


The results were presented to the Centennial City Council on September 7, 2021. Listen to the presentation online.

Customer Service Survey

If you have interacted with City of Centennial staff, please fill out the survey below. Your feedback helps us provide exceptional service.

Take the survey

Why we conduct surveys

  • Discover what matters to you. We use surveys to try to learn what is important to members of our community.
  • Include your opinion in the decision process. Surveys help us develop sensible decisions based on your feedback.
  • Compare results. We measure and compare results over time and we share results on the City's Key Performance Measures page.

What we do with survey feedback

  • Monthly Reports. Each month reports go to Department and Division Managers.
  • Real-time Satisfaction Alerts. Whenever you request follow-up we get an email and respond right away.
  • Strategic Service Delivery Enhancements. We used survey data to recommend ways to improve customer service all across the City.

We heard you!

Here are some examples of what we have done with survey data:

  • Easier NTMP Application Process - You can now email an NTMP application to us.
  • Building Services - You can now find Building Services in the Departments menu.
  • Report-A-Code Violation tool improvements – We added menu options to make it easier to report concerns online.
  • No Longer Own a Pet? – You no longer need to call us. We created an online form so you can tell us when you no longer own a pet.