The City is driven to provide exceptional service to the Centennial community. To achieve this, the City conducts surveys to learn what is important to the members of our community. Survey results are reviewed and considered when making decisions and setting priorities in Centennial.  

Community Survey

Every other year, the City contracts with an reputable outside research firm to conduct a Community Survey which is shared with 3,000 residents at random to obtain scientific results. The results received are measured and compared over time and shared with City Council. The last Community Survey was conducted in 2023. 

2023 Community Survey

Data collection is closed for the City's 2023 Community Survey. Thank you to those who took the time to participate.

Over the next few weeks, the response data will be reviewed and analyzed. A report on key findings will be presented at a future City Council Meeting later this fall.

Thank you for helping create a better City!

View the 2021 Community Survey Results

The results were presented to the Centennial City Council on September 7, 2021. Listen to the presentation online.

Customer Service Survey

If you have interacted with City of Centennial staff, please fill out the survey below. Your feedback helps us provide exceptional service.

Customer Service Survey 

What we do with survey feedback

  • Monthly Reports. Each month reports go to Department and Division Managers.
  • Real-time Satisfaction Alerts. Whenever you request follow-up we get an email and respond right away.
  • Strategic Service Delivery Enhancements. We used survey data to recommend ways to improve customer service all across the City.