The City encourages you to help 'Erase the Waste' and recycle! In Centennial, we love the outdoors and we care about our neighbors. Let's help make a difference by deciding to recycle.

Are you looking for other earth-friendly ideas? Check out our Clean and Green page.

Recycling Information

While the City does not provide or coordinate trash or recycling services, there is a page on the City’s website with information about Trash & Utilities, including Clean and Green Resources. Homeowners or businesses should check with their trash provider to determine if they offer recycling services.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment offers a state-wide search tool to assist in finding a vendor for recycling a specific material.

Christmas Trees

The City of Centennial, Arapahoe Park and Recreation District and South Suburban Parks and Recreation District provide residents with an opportunity to appropriately and safely dispose Christmas trees.


SB 12-133 banned the disposal of electronic waste in Colorado landfills. The City does not currently have a program for residential recycling of electronics. However, the State of Colorado offers a search program on their website.

  • Neighborhoods and community groups will often hold recycling events in partnership with a private vendor. Interested residents should contact their neighborhood association.