Recycling Information:

  • While the City does not provide or coordinate trash or recycling services, there is a page on the City’s website with information about Trash & Utilities, including Clean and Green Resources. Homeowners or businesses should check with their trash provider to determine if they offer recycling services.
  • The Colorado Association for Recycling offers a state-wide search tool to assist in finding a vendor for recycling a specific material.

Christmas Trees:

The City of Centennial, Arapahoe Park and Recreation District and South Suburban Parks and Recreation District provide residents with an opportunity to appropriately and safely dispose Christmas trees.


SB 12-133 banned the disposal of electronic waste in Colorado landfills. The City does not currently have a program for residential recycling of electronics. However, the State of Colorado offers a search program on their website.

  • Neighborhoods and community groups will often hold recycling events in partnership with a private vendor. Interested residents should contact their neighborhood association. 

More Recycling Information:

View the A-Z Recycle Guide on the Tri-County Health Department website to search their alphabetical listing of recycling services.