Public Works

Image of Public Works employee showing snow plow to visitors.

The City's Public Works Department delivers street maintenance, design and construction, snow and ice control services that help define the quality of life in Centennial.

Public Works provides the following services:

Street Rehabilitation Program

The City of Centennial is regularly conducts street rehabilitation and creates a map of upcoming projects. Click below to view the 2021 Street Rehabilitation Program.

View the 2021 Street Rehabilitation Projects Map

Mill and Overlay

Streets receiving a mill and overlay treatment will have the surface of the road milled for the entire width of the street. A new asphalt surface will be placed on the roadway approximately 10 days after the milling is complete. Access will be provided by flaggers working in the construction zone.

Concrete Replacement

Streets receiving a mill and overlay will also receive concrete rehabilitation the year prior to the pavement treatment. This effort repairs broken curbs, gutters, sidewalks and other concrete structures that if left unrepaired will shorten life of the major rehabilitation investment. As part of this work, curb ramps will be repaired and brought to current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Slurry Seal

Street segments receiving this treatment will receive a new wearing surface on top of the existing asphalt. The street is closed for approximately 2 hours for the application of the slurry seal as well time for the new surface to dry. This process seals the cracks in the road as well as protects the existing asphalt surface.

Crack Seal

Crack seal is the process of cleaning out existing cracks in the road and placing a hot asphalt rubber to protect moisture from entering the crack. This process is performed with a mobile operation in which a flagger will help assist providing access through the construction zone. Streets receiving a slurry seal will also receive a crack seal treatment.

Our Roadway Projects page includes current information on:

  • major projects road constructions projects
  • major utility projects conducted by external utility providers

Learn about roadway projects.

A Right-of-Way (ROW) Permit is required for all construction and maintenance within the City’s ROW, placing dumpsters on residential streets, or requesting a street closure and transporting oversized/overweight loads on City streets.

The City of Centennial provides cost effective snow and ice control services ensuring adequate mobility for public transit and emergency vehicles and access to businesses and residential streets when authorized in the event of a severe winter storm.

Learn more about Snow & Ice Control in the City.

The City's street network consists of 500 miles of paved public streets. A computerized work management system logs service requests, creates work orders, schedules maintenance work and documents work completion. The department utilizes a pavement management system to evaluate the condition of the street network and prioritize maintenance and rehabilitation work.

View our Street Maintenance page for more details.

City staff works with transportation agencies in surrounding jurisdictions, coordinating efforts to improve the transportation network.

View our Traffic page.

The City recently began the process of updating its Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The existing Transportation Master Plan(PDF, 12MB) was completed in 2013. Since then, the range of mobility options and how transportation is used have evolved and the need for more interconnected and responsive options have grown. The City needs to be prepared to adapt with changing transportation needs.

The new plan will build on the previous TMP and continue to develop an efficient and balanced transportation system. We will host a variety of opportunities to encourage the community to provide input on the new plan.

Learn More and Get Involved

Centennial’s Adopt-a-Street program provides residents and businesses an opportunity to show they care through the maintenance and upkeep of specific Centennial owned roads and right-of-ways. 

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