Apply for a Zoning Verification Letter

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A Zoning Verification Letter is an administrative procedure in which the Director of Community Development verifies that a requested use, building or structure complies with the requirements of the LDC.


Step 1.Requirements

Please submit a request including information needed for the zoning verification letter. Standard Zoning Verification Letters (ZVLs) typically include: address, zoning, zoning description, zoning history, whether a specific use is permitted, adjacent zoning information, any special overlays, and any code cases, violations etc. We will also provide a most recent site plan and/or other applicable development plans.

Fees: A Standard Zoning Verification Letter is $75.00 and a Custom (additional information requested) ZVL is $100.00. Fees are due prior to staff assignment and letter completion.

Step 2.Create an Account & Apply Online

First time users will need a valid email address to set up an account. It takes about 5 minutes to create a new account.

You can use the online Self-Service Portal to apply for a Zoning Verification Letter. Please apply under the Plans tab.

Apply Online

Step 3.What to Expect Next

ZVLs are processed in approximately seven (7) calendar days.

Once you submit your request, you will receive an email notification with your invoice; which can be paid with a credit card or e-check.

You can check the status and due date of your letter at any time during the process by logging into the portal.

Step 4.Letter Completion

Once completed, the letter and plans will be available for you to download under the “documents” tab of the portal.

Phone / Email

For questions about submitting a sign permit online, please call 303-754-3308 or email

Additional Information

Please note that if you have any external zoning forms for the City to verify zoning and sign off on (such as those from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado office of Behavioral Health, etc.), you can email us those requests directly.

You may also request a simple zoning email that verifies a specific use (no additional information) by emailing us.

Please email these types of requests to: