Community Grant Program

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To improve community engagement and neighborhood identity, the City has developed two community grant programs intended to enhance and foster neighborhood collaboration. These programs are intended to reduce code violations and spur additional private investment within the neighborhood through the support of resident-led improvement projects and engagement opportunities. Both programs continue to pursue the City’s goal to increase communication among neighbors, build neighborhood identity and civic pride, and to increase opportunities to bring neighborhoods together. All of this is consistent with the City’s vision and “Signature Centennial” Key Performance Area.

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Neighborhood Engagement Grant  Large Community Improvement Grant 
 $500 value  $10,000 value
 Applications accepted until funds are exhausted; first come, first serve  Application Deadline: June 30
 Funds can be used for neighborhood block parties, movie nights, social gatherings, etc  Funds can be used for community based improvements, including but not limited to neighborhood signage, fencing, landscaping improvements, place making, and community gardens


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