Futures Committee


The City of Centennial is a connected community where neighborhoods matter, education is embraced, businesses are valued, and innovation absolute.

The Centennial Futures Committee invites City leadership to consider what Centennial might face 20+ years in the future so we may collaboratively and intentionally create the policies and environments that build the future our community desires.

In Centennial, the Futures Committee should:

  • Build trust and friendship among Council, appointed officials, City Staff, and our partners, enabling us to have tough conversations when necessary.
  • Track discussion topics and key learnings or potential impacts to City operations.


The Centennial Futures Committee will meet from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the following dates: May 10, July 12, September 13 and November 8. The meeting location is TBD. 

Each two-hour meeting will consist of a 30-45 minute presentation from an invited thought leader, followed by Questions & Answers and general observations from attendees. Initial topics are likely to focus on the future of Colorado’s population, skills to advance futurist thinking, and the future of cities and suburbs.

Meetings are open to the public and the Committee may choose to invite additional participants to specific conversations. 


Fort Collins has operated a Futures Committee for over 10 years. It was established as a “think and do tank,” to think about issues/trends/forces facing Fort Collins and the necessary actions needed now. This has enabled Fort Collins to set its own direction, rather than responding to what others say will happen in Fort Collins. For example, discussions about philanthropy and the future of partnerships led the City to create a program called City Give to develop donor relations to strategically seek philanthropic funding for city priorities. The Futures Committee has spurred projects as large as the city’s fiber network and as impactful as updating the Mayor’s script to open Council meetings with a statement that puts participants in a collaborative and problem-solving mindset.

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