Code Compliance

Code Office measuring height of tree limb over a sidewalk

Benefits of Code Compliance:

  • Encourages a sense of community and neighborhood pride
  • Lowers crime rates
  • Preserves the integrity of our community
  • Promotes a sustainable community and a stable population
  • Protects the value of our homes
  • Provides safer, more attractive communities
  • Reduces the opportunity for pest, vermin and unsanitary conditions
  • Supports economic development and job growth

Compliance Procedures

  1. Upon receipt of a complaint, an initial inspection of the property is conducted within three (3) business days.
  2. If no violation is found, the case is closed.
  3. If a violation is found, the Officer will educate and work with the property owner/occupant to achieve voluntary compliance. If voluntary compliance is not achieved, enforcement will be escalated up to and including tickets/court summons/abatement/fines in the amount of up to $2,650 per day, per violation.
  4. As the reporting party, you can choose to remain anonymous or provide your contact information.
  • If you choose to remain anonymous, you will not be given any updates.
  • If you choose to provide your information, you will be given a case number and the Code Compliance Officer's contact information who is assigned to the case. The Officer will contact you if they have questions, need access to your property (such as a backyard) or when the case has been resolved. You may request updates or provide additional information/comments about the case at any time by contacting the Officer assigned to the case.                        

Please Note: When reporting a Code Compliance Concern, your information becomes public record. Once your information  is entered into our system, the City can not delete it off the record.

Violations by Category

Below is a list of violations.

  • Home-Based Business

If you are thinking of opening a Home-Based Business, contact Code Compliance to determine if the business is permitted. Click here, to view the Home-Based Business Information Handout.

If a vehicle is on a public street, contact the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Traffic Division at 720-874-3825. Provide the location, make/model, and the license plate number.


View the Centennial Municipal Code (MC)

View the Land and Development Code (LDC)

  •  To have a dumpster or storage pod on private property?

        - Click here to review Municipal Codes 7-4-30 and 7-4-40

  •  To have a dumpster or storage pod on the street?

        - Yes, download, complete and submit the Residential Dumpster Permit Form.

  •  To install a fence?

- Yes, submit a Fence Permit Application.

  • To have a garage sale?

- No, review the Land Development Code 12-2-502 for more information about garage sales.

  • To have a temporary sign?

         - Yes, submit a Temporary Sign Application. Click here for more information about temporary signs.

  • To have a yard sign

        -  No, click here(PDF, 2MB) for more information about having a yard sign.


Noxious weeds are non-native plants that threaten our natural and agricultural lands and disrupt native ecosystems. Their presence affects our waterways, wildlife and recreation.

As good stewards of our land, whether a small lot in town or a large ranch in the mountains, we all must work to keep our lands free of noxious weed.

Four easy steps you can take to help control noxious weeds:

  1. Identify the type of noxious weed. 
  2. Know the best removal practice and when to remove the weed.
  3. Kill it before it reproduces.
  4. Call a Code Compliance Officer at 303-325-8000 for assistance in identifying noxious weeds and for removal best practices. 

City of Centennial Noxious Weeds Brochure PDF(PDF, 804KB)

The Department of Agriculture and CSU Extension Native Plant Program are great resources for identifying the type of noxious weed and best practices for removal.   

I just moved to Centennial, what do I need to know to avoid a visit from Code Compliance?

Review the Types of Violations above.

Can I hang my garage sale sign on a stop sign, light pole, or street sign?

No, refer to Land Development Code 12-3-602.  Prohibited sign locations: In or over public rights-of-way (which, in addition to streets, may include other elements, such as sidewalks, parkways, retaining walls, utility poles, traffic control devices, medians, and center islands that are within the public right-of-way

How long can I have my garage sale?

Refer to Land Development Code 12-2-502.

Can I park my RV on my property?

Yes, the vehicle must have current registration/tags and be operational.  

Can I park my RV on the street?

Refer to Municipal Code 8.1.30, Section 1214 Parking Restrictions in Residential Districts.