Permits & Licenses for Business

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Looking to start a business? Managing a bar? Hosting an arts and crafts fair? Are you a licensed massage therapist working in Centennial?

Choose a category below to learn more:

Business Registration & Sales Tax Licensing

Learn more and apply online for Sales Tax License or Business Registration.

Home-Based Business

If you are interested in opening a home-based business, please consider the following guidelines:

  • The business must be registered with the City and adhere to City standards
  • Operations must be conducted entirely within the main residence
  • There may be up to one employee who does not live at the residence
  • Outdoor storage, displays or advertising is not allowed
  • Excessive storage of hazardous materials is not allowed
  • Excessive noise, odors, smoke, dust, glare or light is not allowed
  • Commercial vehicles, equipment and trailers associated with the business are not allowed on the property
  • Deliveries to and from the home by commercial vehicles are prohibited
  • Businesses not compatible with a residential neighborhood are not allowed

Licensing for specialized businesses

Liquor Licensing

Learn more about the procedures and access required forms.

Massage Parlor Licensing

View information on Massage Parlor Licensing.

Pawnbroker Licensing

Learn about Pawnbroker Licensing.

Mobile Food Vendor Permit (Centennial Center Park)

All mobile food vendors must meet certain requirements and obtain a Mobile Food Vendor Permit with the City prior to making food sales at Centennial Center Park.

Mobile Food Vendor Application(PDF, 125KB)

Special Events | Sales License

The City requires a License for Special Sales Events taking place in the City. A Special Sales event is an occasion in which three or more vendors gather in one location and sell items for a limited period of time, not to exceed seven consecutive days.

Learn more about Special Sales Events.(PDF, 343KB)

Temporary Signage

With some exceptions, banners, flags, sidewalk signs and other similar devices may be permitted as a temporary sign through an approved Temporary Sign Permit.

Temporary Sign Permit Application(PDF, 672KB)

Visit the Sign page to learn about Centennial's sign regulations and permitting processes.