Pawnbroker Licensing


All licensing matters must be done by appointment only. Please contact Christina Lovelace, Deputy City Clerk/Licensing Admin, to schedule an appointment or have your questions answered. or 303-754-3371

Pawnbrokers must be licensed by the City in accordance with Centennial Municipal Code, Section 6, Article 7 (Ordinance 2011-O-24).

Pawnbroker License Fees

Description of Fee Fee Amount
Pawnbroker License Application Fee $215
Annual Pawnbroker License Fee $2,500
Manager Registration Fee $125
Change of Corporate Structure Fee $185
Change of Location Fee $125

Fee structures are set by 
Resolution No. 2011-R-82. Applications and fees must be submitted to the City Clerk's Office for processing.

Procedures and Instructions

Procedure for a New Application(PDF, 144KB)

Change of Manager of a Pawnbroker(PDF, 86KB)

Change of Corporate Structure(PDF, 91KB)


Application for Pawnbrokers License - New or Renewal(PDF, 215KB)

Application for Report of Changes of a Pawnbrokers License(PDF, 188KB)

Individual History Report(PDF, 161KB)

Affidavit Concerning Criminal History(PDF, 23KB)

Financial Questionnaire(PDF, 26KB)