Land Development Code

Cover to the Centennial Land Development Code (LDC)

The Land Development Code (LDC) is the primary set of development and zoning regulations for the City of Centennial. The policies found in Centennial NEXT and Sub-Area Plans compliment the regulations in the LDC.

NEW: The Land Development Code (LDC) is now accessible within Municode along with the City’s other codes and ordinances. Please find the LDC here.


The City initiated a rewrite of its LDC in 2008. Upon incorporation in 2001 the City adopted the legacy LDC, also known as the 2001 LDC. It was intended to be an interim document until the City defined its future vision. After 16 months of community outreach and public process, the new LDC was adopted by City Council on April 19, 2010.