Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing in the State of Colorado is a two-tiered process.

For most licensing matters, local approval must be obtained prior to final approval by the State Liquor Enforcement Division. 

Matters requiring a public hearing are decided by the Centennial Liquor Licensing Authority, while other matters of an administrative nature are handled by the City Clerk and staff. 

Liquor Licensing Updates

All liquor licensing matters must be done by appointment only. Please contact Melissa Palmer, Assistant City Clerk, at 303-754-3381 or, to schedule an appointment or have your questions answered.

Liquor Licensing Forms & Procedures

General Information

Liquor License Renewal Documents

New Liquor License Applications

Transfer of Ownership Application

Liquor-Licensed Drugstore (LLDS)

Background Forms for New, Transfer and Change of Manager Applications

Other Liquor Licensing Documents

Special Events Permits

Alcohol Beverage Tasting

Surrender a License

Local Approval for Sales Room (Brewery, Distillery and Wineries only)

Liquor Licensing Authority

The Centennial Liquor Licensing Authority conducts hearings for new liquor license applications, change of location applications, special events permits, renewal hearings and show cause hearings.  The Centennial Liquor Licensing Authority is designated as a sole hearing officer via Ordinance No. 2015-O-30.

Ford Wheatley, IV, was appointed by City Council via Resolution No. 2016-R-03 as the Hearing Officer for the City.  Public Hearings are open to members of the public and are generally scheduled on Mondays or Tuesdays during day-time hours in the Aspen Room at the Civic Center. For a list of upcoming meetings please email us at