Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing in the State of Colorado is a two-tiered process.

For most licensing matters, local approval must be obtained prior to final approval by the State Liquor Enforcement Division. 

Matters requiring a public hearing are decided by the Centennial Liquor Licensing Authority, while other matters of an administrative nature are handled by the City Clerk and staff.

Liquor Licensing Updates

  • Licensees can now apply for additional LLDS, for applications and additional documents please view our Forms & Procedures below. Before applying for a Retail Liquor License or a Liquor License Drug Store please contact the Centennial Licensing Clerk to ensure you meet the requirements. As of July 1, 2016 no new licenses can be issued within 1,500 ft of another retail liquor license. Please contact the clerk to assist you with zoning.
  • Liquor Enforcement has created a new license type for those looking for a full service bar but do not qualify for an Hotel and Restaurant or Tavern license. Click here for more information on the New Lodging & Entertainment License. (Effective August 10, 2016)
  • New State fees have been implemented as of August 1, 2018. For more information on why they had a fee increase please visit their website at: Colorado Department of Revenue Fees
  • As of January 1, 2019 the State of Colorado will be converting all 3.2 licenses into Fermented Malt Beverage licenses. If you have concerns or questions please email us at


Liquor Licensing Forms & Procedures

General Information

Link to the Colorado Department of Revenue Liquor Enforcement's Website

Download the Social Distancing Sign(PDF, 139KB) for use in restaurants.

Approved Responsible Vendor Training

Fee Schedule(PDF, 136KB) (updated Oct. 2019)

Liquor License Renewal Documents

(PDF, 123KB)8400: Blank Renewal Document(PDF, 164KB)

DR 8495 Required Tax Document with Renewal(PDF, 108KB)

New Liquor License Applications

(PDF, 281KB)Procedure for Applying for a New Retail Liquor License or FMB(PDF, 560KB)

(PDF, 285KB)DR 8403: Application Fermented Malt Beverage(PDF, 316KB)

(PDF, 360KB)DR 8404: Application for New Liquor License(PDF, 402KB)

DR 8495 Required Tax Document(PDF, 108KB)

(PDF, 20KB)Financial Questionnaire(PDF, 20KB)

Transfer of Ownership Application

(PDF, 89KB)Procedure for Apply for a Transfer(PDF, 338KB)

(PDF, 12KB)Temporary Permit Application & Affidavit(PDF, 441KB)

DR: 8403: Application for Transfer of FMB(PDF, 316KB)

DR: 8404: Application for a Transferred Liquor License(PDF, 402KB)

DR 8495 Required Tax Document(PDF, 108KB)

(PDF, 20KB)Financial Questionnaire(PDF, 20KB)

(PDF, 137KB)Wholesaler Affidavit(PDF, 138KB)

Liquor-Licensed Drugstore (LLDS)

DR 8000: Manager Permit for LLDS(PDF, 190KB)

DR 8001: Application for LLDS(PDF, 304KB)

Background Forms for New, Transfer and Change of Manager Applications

(PDF, 12KB)Affidavit concerning Criminal History(PDF, 12KB)

(PDF, 168KB)Individual History Form (State Form 8404-I)(PDF, 155KB)

Other Liquor Licensing Documents

(PDF, 78KB)DR 8177: Change of Corporate Structure Form(PDF, 204KB)

(PDF, 270KB)DR 8442: Permit Application and Report of Changes(PDF, 223KB)

Special Events Permits

(PDF, 201KB)Procedure for Special Events Permit(PDF, 303KB)

(PDF, 101KB)DR 8439: Application for a Special Events Permit(PDF, 178KB)

Special Events Permit Questionnaire and Affidavit(PDF, 28KB)

Alcohol Beverage Tasting

Alcohol Beverage Tasting Permit Application and Renewal(PDF, 185KB)

Surrender a License

(PDF, 12KB)Affidavit to Surrender a Liquor License(PDF, 15KB)

Local Approval for Sales Room (Brewery, Distillery and Wineries only)

(PDF, 143KB)DR 8057: Application for Colorado Sales Room(PDF, 156KB)

Liquor Licensing Authority

The Centennial Liquor Licensing Authority conducts hearings for new liquor license applications, change of location applications, special events permits, renewal hearings and show cause hearings.  The Centennial Liquor Licensing Authority is designated as a sole hearing officer via Ordinance No. 2015-O-30.  

Ford Wheatley, IV, was appointed by City Council via Resolution No. 2016-R-03 as the Hearing Officer for the City.  Public Hearings are open to members of the public and are generally scheduled on Mondays or Tuesdays during day-time hours in the Aspen Room at the Civic Center.  For a list of upcoming meetings please email us at