Adopt a Street

Image of volunteer picking up trash.

The Adopt-a-Street program is great for anyone who wants to help our community.

The program allows groups to assume the responsibility of helping the City pick-up litter along pre-determined segments of City streets. 


The program is open to any Centennial resident, Centennial-based business or Centennial-based service group that can demonstrate they have sufficient members and are willing to accept the responsibility of adopting a street for at least a one year term.  After the successful completion of a one-year term the organization may be allowed to continue its street adoption for another year.

Download information regarding the Adopt a Street Program(PDF, 368KB)

To participate, an organization needs to:

After eligibility approval:

  • View the Adopt-a-Street Program Map for availability and discuss with City staff which segment of road the group would like to adopt.
  • Agree to clean the road at least two times in one calendar year.
  • Have all participants read and sign a Release of Liability Agreement(PDF, 216KB)  prior to a cleanup.
  • Schedule a cleanup with the City at least two weeks prior to the requested date.
  • Have all participants attend a safety meeting prior to the event.
  • Have all participants wear the issued safety vests during the cleanup and obey all program rules.

What will the City do?

The City will organize which sections of streets can be cleaned by which group. The City will provide first-aid kits, safety vests and garbage bags. The City will also conduct a safety meeting with the participating group’s Organization Leaders before their first cleanup. After the event, the City will provide trash pickup and disposal and inspect the cleaned area.  It is up to the City’s cleanup inspector’s discretion to determine if an area has been sufficiently cleaned.

After a group has successfully performed two cleanups that pass the City’s inspections, the City may choose to erect a City-owned sign identifying the participating group.  The content and placement of the sign is at the discretion of the City and is dependent on factors including, but not limited to: availability of budget and/or staffing to create and place the sign and availability of adequate right-of-way for the City to place the sign in.

Street Eligibility

Not all City streets are open to this program. City staff will identify streets which meet certain safety and location criteria. Streets will be selected if they are major arterials and if they contain adequate sidewalks and parking for participants. Segments of streets in each City Council District will be available for adoption. View the Adopt-a-Street Program Map for availability. 

This program operates at the City’s discretion and may be discontinued at any time.