Smoky Hill Road Transportation Corridor Study

street light with Smoky Hill Road sign and cars on the road

Welcome to the Smoky Hill Road Transportation Corridor Study. This page is intended to provide a place where interested members of the public can review study information, project documents, and the project schedule throughout the study. We also invite interested members to check back on this site regularly for on-going updates on our transportation study for the Smoky Hill Road Corridor. On this page you can find:

  • Information on the purpose and goals of this project
  • Previously created resources and studies related to the Smoky Hill Road Transportation Corridor
  • Up-coming events and milestones for the overall study

Please note, this is a planning study and no projects are currently planned for the Smoky Hill Road Corridor.

Project Description

Smoky Hill Road is a four-lane roadway that experiences safety and operational problems for its travelers. This planning project focuses on a 2.8 mile stretch between Buckley Road and Versailles Parkway/Ponderosa Trail. This is a critical corridor which serves the eastern portion of Centennial and needs a clear vision for how motorists, transit users, bicyclist, and pedestrians can safely, efficiently and comfortably travel. 

map of Smoky Hill Road from Buckley to E-470

What's Next

Smoky Hill Road Transportation Corridor Study Survey has closed. This survey is intended to provide the City of Centennial with a greater understanding of public use and opinion of the corridor.

The project team is evaluating the public input and technical data collected and developing potential alternatives for the corridor. The draft report with recommended alternatives and improvements is anticipated to be available in the first quarter of 2022.

More Information

Learn more about project expectations and the schedule.

Project Expectations

This project was developed as a City initiative to collect data to determine existing conditions within this segment of Smoky Hill Road, create a list of suggested improvements, analyze improvement costs, and develop an implementation plan.

As a part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Centennial NEXT, the intended outcome of this study will be to improve the transportation system within the corridor by providing expanded mobility options, greater connectivity and improved safety for all users. This study will identify and prioritize a list of potential projects along the corridor but is not intended to provide final design or construction documents. The overall goals of the project are:

  • Identify future improvements, multimodal connections and opportunities
  • Reflect community character through design
  • Embrace citizen participation

Recommendations from this plan will be incorporated into the City of Centennial Transportation Master Plan.

Schedule and Activities

The first step in the project will be understanding the existing conditions along the corridor. This will include engaging stakeholders to understand the issues they experience in the corridor. We would like to hear what would make their use of this corridor more safe, efficient, and comfortable. Once we understand some of the issues, we will prepare alternatives and evaluation criteria to help us determine which improvements might work best to improve the everyday use of this corridor.

Smoky Hill Road Transportation Corridor Study work plan. See below for written explanation of work plan schedule.

Work plan summary:

  • Task 1: Data collection, background review, existing conditions (March - May)
  • Task 2: Public Outreach and Engagement

- Stakeholder meetings: June
- Virtual public meeting/present findings & collect feedback: July - August
- Summarize public input September: October
- Present findings/report to City Council: November)

  • Task 3: Alternatives Analysis and Improvements

- Analysis (April - May)
- Develop Evaluation Criteria (May)
- Develop Proposed Improvements (June - July)
- Prioritize Improvements, preliminary findings meetings (July - August)

  • Task 4: Final Report

- Draft Report (October)
- Final Report (November)

Get Involved with the Transportation Master Plan

Recently, the City also began the process of updating its Transportation Master Plan (TMP). Learn more and share your thoughts with us.

Please continue to check this page for additional project updates!


Rolando Melgoza, City of Centennial Smoky Hill Corridor Transportation Study Project Manager.