Permits for Special Events

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Are you organizing a large event or festival in Centennial? Are you hoping to serve liquor at a special event? Having a block party or parade? Building a temporary structure? Planning a family reunion at Centennial Center Park? In this section you will find information about application processes for obtaining the required permits and/or licenses for your event.

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Temporary Use/Special Events

A Temporary Use / Special Event Permit is required in the City of Centennial for a temporary use of private property or a temporary structure, with or without use of the public right-of-way. See the Temporary Use Permit page for more information.

Temporary Signage

With some exceptions, banners, flags, sidewalk signs and other similar devices may be permitted as a temporary sign through an approved Temporary Sign Permit.

Temporary Sign Brochure(PDF, 672KB)

Visit the Sign page to learn about Centennial's sign regulations and permitting processes.

Block Party or Special Event Street Closure

Please submit requests at a minimum of three (3) weeks before the date of the block party/street closure event to allow enough time for the City to process the request.

Learn more on the Block Party/Street Closure page.

Serving/Selling Liquor at Special Events

A Special Events Permit is required when serving or selling alcoholic beverages or 3.2% beer at a special event.

Visit the Liquor Licensing page to learn more about procedures and access required forms.

Special Sales at Events (Sales Tax)

The City requires a License for Special Sales Events taking place in the City during which three or more vendors gather in one location and sell items for a limited period of time, not to exceed seven consecutive days (i.e. art or craft fair).

Learn more and apply for a Special Sales Event License(PDF, 343KB).