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Project Introduction

The City is updating its Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The 2035 TMP(PDF, 12MB), completed in 2013, developed a unified vision to support a balanced, connected, and sustainable transportation system in the City. Since the development of this previous Transportation Plan, the range of mobility options and how transportation is used have evolved and the need for more interconnected and responsive options have grown. It is important that the City is not only prepared to adapt with changing transportation needs and priorities, but that it continues its innovative spirit to make Centennial a great place to live, play, work, and recreate.

Centennial’s 2040 TMP will develop a holistic plan to ensure residents, employees, commuters, and visitors have access to a safe and reliable transportation system. The new plan will build on the previous TMP and continue to develop an efficient and balanced transportation system, while also setting the stage for further planning, design, and funding of capital, operational, and policy investments in the City.

Throughout the planning process, the City will host a variety of public engagement opportunities to encourage the community to provide input on existing issues and community needs, improvement opportunities, and priorities for transportation improvements. Given the current physical distancing requirements due to COVID-19, Phase 1 outreach (Spring 2021) will focus on online engagement tools and techniques. As we move towards Phase 2 (Summer 2021), we will determine the feasibility of transitioning some of our engagement to in-person meetings and outreach at community events.

With your input, the City’s 2040 TMP will provide a prioritized set of improvements and an implementation plan to support a connected, accessible, and inclusive transportation system for all.  

Have Your Say

Throughout the planning process, the City will provide multiple opportunities for public input on the Transportation Master Plan. Visit the Have Your Say page to learn more about the project timeline and ways to get involved.

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The Process

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The development of the Centennial 2040 TMP began in March 2021 and is anticipated to be complete by January 2022. Key elements of the planning effort include:

  • Phase 1: Needs & Opportunities (Spring 2021)
  • Phase 2: Trade-offs (Summer 2021)
  • Phase 3: Validation (Fall 2021)

Public and Stakeholder Engagement – Engagement methods will be adapted based on COVID-19 restrictions and may change during the Plan development process. Initially, emphasis will be placed on online engagement tools and techniques. As we move into Phase 2 and 3 of the engagement efforts we will move to more in-person activities as allowed by state and local regulations.

Current Conditions Assessment – Understanding existing area plans, recommendations of transportation studies, and discussing desires of the City of Centennial will provide a baseline for plan development.

Future Conditions and Needs Identification – Travel demand modeling will be used to forecast future traffic volumes and evaluate infrastructure required to meet the City’s needs into the year 2040.

Vision, Goals and Policy Development – Members of the public and agency stakeholders will provide input to guide the vision, goals, and policies regarding transportation in the City.

Recommendations and Implementation Strategies – Recommendations for transportation improvements will be drafted for public review. A project evaluation process will be developed to inform a project implementation strategy.

Final Plan Development – The Transportation Plan document will outline a plan for multimodal transportation improvements in the City, inform the 2022 capital improvement program priorities, and chart a course for the City as it continues to grow and evolve over time.


Art Negretti, City of Centennial TMP Project Manager

Jenny Young, PE, AICP, Consultant TMP Project Manager (FHU)

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