Richard Holt

Council Member, District 3


When did you move to Centennial?


Why did you move here?

Decided to move to Centennial after our two children were born.

What do you like most about living in Centennial?

Great sense of community. Close to trails, gyms, and shopping. Any part of the Greater Denver area is easily reachable from Centennial.

Why did you decide to run for City Council?

My grandfather once told me that public service in noble; and if one has the time and or/inclination to serve, he or she should. With two adult children out of school (almost), this seemed to be a good time to act on my grandfather’s words. I’ve always been involved in neighborhood and city organizations and efforts. I consider myself very fortunate and humbled that I get to serve as your representative.

What are your primary goals as a Council Member?

I believe Centennial is a model for other cities. We were founded as a contracting city that allows the people living here a great level of city services for less than surrounding areas. As we near the start of the third decade as a city, I’d like to continue the values the founders set, while being cognizant of balanced future growth. I’d also like to help guide and utilize the newly completed technological infrastructure (fiber) that the city recently completed

Community Involvement

Past and current involvement include:

Board Member – FoxRidge Improvement Association

CenCON Representative

Organizer and Contributor to numerous neighborhood events (has been known to help Santa out during FoxRidge’s annual carriage rides)

Centennial 101 Program Graduate (HIGHLY recommended!)

City of Centennial’s Open Space Advisory Board (OSAB)

Hobbies & Activities

Tennis, Golf, Racquetball, Weightlifting, Improv and Comedy.

What's My Council District?