Richard Holt

Mayor Pro Tem, Council Member, District 3

Get to Know Council Member Richard Holt

District 3 Council Member Richard 'Rik' Holt, along with his wife Julie, have proudly called Centennial home since 2001, choosing the City for its consistent recognition as one of the safest in the nation. Their connection with Centennial has deepened over two decades, with an appreciation of the City's close-knit community and its convenient proximity to major trail systems and commercial shopping districts. Rik's commitment to public service stems from his grandfather's wisdom, who once advised that if one had the time and inclination to serve, they should do so. Inspired by this, Rik successfully ran for District 3 Council Member and is now serving his second term. In his first term, Rik worked tirelessly to uphold Centennial's foundational values while ensuring balanced future growth, aiming to position the City as a model for others. As he enters his second term, he acknowledges the evolving nature of Centennial, transforming into a City in its own right. Rik's focus remains on maintaining the delicate balance of preserving neighborhoods while preparing for intelligent growth where and when needed.

Beyond his civic service, Rik finds joy in honing his tennis and golf skills, (genuinely enjoying) lifting heavy objects at the gym and occasionally performing improvisational comedy. An alumnus of the University of California – Santa Cruz, Rik holds a B.A. in Business Economics. Committed to service, he works full-time as a Systems Analyst, contributing to the development of essential systems such as tracking all foster children within Colorado and facilitating communication between courts and county jails statewide.

Community Involvement

Appointments to City Commissions and Committees

  • Fiber Commission
  • Open Space Advisory Board

Appointments to Liaisons Organizations and/or Agencies

  • Arapahoe County Open Space Trails Advisory Board (OSTAB)
  • South Suburban Parks and Recreation District Working Group for Parks, Trails, Open Space and Recreation

Appointments to Outside Organizations

  • Aurora Chamber of Commerce
  • National League of Cities Subcommittees - ITC Policy Committee

Additional and Past Involvement

  • FoxRidge Improvement Association, Board Member
  • CenCON Representative
  • Organizer and Contributor to numerous neighborhood events (has been known to help Santa out during FoxRidge's annual carriage rides)
  • Centennial 101 Program, Alumni (Rik HIGHLY recommends!)