Richard Holt

Council Member, District 3

Get to Know Council Member Richard Holt

With its consistent recognition as one of the safest cities in the nation, District 3 Council Member Richard 'Rik' Holt and his wife, Julie, have called Centennial home since 2001, following the birth of their two children. After two decades, the Holts enjoy the City's connected community feel and close proximity to major trail systems and commercial shopping districts. Rik's involvement in organizations and efforts, scaling from neighborhood to municipalities, are not the only reasons he ran to represent District 3. In fact, Rik's grandfather once told him, "public service is a noble pursuit, and if one had the time and inclination to serve, one should do so." And in 2019, with his children grown and out of school and "adulting," Rik seized the opportunity to follow his grandfather's wisdom, leading to his successful election as one of District 3's Council Members. Considering himself fortunate and humbled to serve the Centennial community, Rik brings his belief that Centennial is a model for other cities to his service as District 3 Council Member. Beginning his second term and following the City's 20th anniversary year, Rik strives to continue upholding the City's 'founding founders' values yet being mindful of balanced future growth. In addition, Rik has a passion for helping guide and utilize Centennial's completed technological infrastructure (fiber). Rik's motto, "we can do amazing things with what is literally under our feet," helps him lead this effort.

In addition to his service as a District 3 Council Member, Rik enjoys honing his tennis and golf game when he's not lifting weights or catching an improv or comedy show. Rik is a University of California – Santa Cruz – alumni with a B.A. in Business Economics. Committed to service, he works full-time as an Analyst for the State of Colorado Governor's Office of Technology—supporting systems tracking and coordinating services for children in foster care.

Community Involvement

Appointments to City Commissions and Committees

  • Fiber Commission
  • Open Space Advisory Board

Appointments to Liaisons Organizations / Agencies

  • South Suburban Parks and Recreation District Working Group for Parks, Trails, Open Space and Recreation

Appointments to Outside Organizations

  • National League of Cities Subcommittees, ITC Policy Committee

Additional and Past Involvement

  • FoxRidge Improvement Association, Board Member
  • CenCON Representative
  • Organizer and Contributor to numerous neighborhood events (has been known to help Santa out during FoxRidge's annual carriage rides)
  • Centennial 101 Program, Alumni (Rik HIGHLY recommends!)