Long Range / Comprehensive Planning

Long-Range Planning Studies 

In order for the City to develop in a strategic and intentional way, the City has adopted a number of long-range planning studies to guide the growth and development of the City.

These studies are based upon robust analysis and significant public outreach to listen and understand the community’s desires. Among other things, these plans help City Staff and Elected Officials make informed decisions about future development in the community and serve as a basis for Staff recommendations on development applications.

In 2004, the City adopted its first Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is an overarching document that provides general policies concerning:

  • Community appearance
  • Economic development
  • Housing
  • Land use
  • Parks, trails and open space
  • Regional cooperation and land use management
  • Transportation
  • Utilities and services

In addition to the Comprehensive Plan(PDF, 39MB), there are also several City-wide studies pertaining to transportation and open space, as well as various sub-area plans that provide more detailed information about development in particular areas of the City.

Adopted in 2018, Centennial NEXT was a 12-18 month initiative that engaged the public in defining a collective vision for the City between now and 2040. Centennial NEXT was amended in 2023 to align the existing Themes, Goals and Strategies of the plan with an updated Future Land Use Map. Learn More.


Centennial Trails and Recreation Plan

The 2017 Trails and Recreation Plan helps set the future for parks, open space, trails and recreation in Centennial. 

Cover to the Trails and Rec Plan

Thank you to the community members who helped shape this document by sharing input and participating in the outreach process.

View the Centennial Trails and Recreation Plan below:


Other Resources

Trails and Recreation Tour | The City of Centennial offers more than 100 parks, 100+ miles of trails and more than 4,000 acres of open space. Featured below are some of the parks, trails and amenities the community has access to. Explore Centennial’s beautiful open space system by taking this virtual tour.

Trails Inventory Map(PDF, 3MB)

Parks, Open Space and Trails Inventory Map(PDF, 21MB)

Centennial NEXT

Centennial NEXT is an initiative that engaged the public in defining a shared vision for the City between now and 2040. First approved in 2018, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved and City Council ratified an amended Centennial NEXT(PDF, 39MB) in late 2023. View the appendices.(PDF, 35MB)

The Centennial NEXT planning process was designed to help ensure the community’s values align with the City’s road-map for development so that Centennial thrives well into the future. This City-wide plan guides our approach to preserving, enhancing and growing Centennial’s neighborhoods in a way that promotes mutual prosperity, coordinated public investment and a healthy environment. The plan promotes quality of life, a sense of community, economic vitality, supporting infrastructure, responsible government that leaves a legacy for future generations.

During this planning effort, the City turned to those who know the City best – its residents, businesses and stakeholders - to help identify opportunities, challenges and visions for Centennial’s future.

Centennial NEXT Executive Summary(PDF, 2MB)

Video slideshow of the Centennial NEXT Executive Summary



City Wide Studies

In addition to the Comprehensive Plan(PDF, 39MB), the City has also completed several City-wide plans pertaining to transportation and open space.

Approved in 2004, the Comprehensive Plan is an overarching document that provides general policies concerning: Community appearance; economic development; housing; land use; parks, trails and open space; regional cooperation and land use management; transportation; and utilities and services.

The City of Centennial updated its Comprehensive Plan in 2018.

Trails and Recreation Plan(PDF, 71MB) was approved in 2017 and helps set the future for parks, open space, trails and recreation in Centennial. 

Transportation Master Plan has been completed and was adopted in May 2022. 

Sub-Area Plans

Because the City of Centennial is geographically diverse, the Comprehensive Plan illustrates various sub-area plans that study smaller areas of the City and provide development goals and policies unique to the obstacles and opportunities in that area.


Centennial Three Mile Plan

View the City's Three Mile Plan(PDF, 4MB).