The District-Centennial

This is a conceptual rendering of The Jones District.

The District-Centennial is a 42-acre area west of I-25 between IKEA and the Dry Creek light rail station owned by Denver-based Brue-Baukol Capital Partners. The District-Centennial is envisioned as a dynamic, mixed-use area, featuring a network of walkable blocks, active streets, and public gathering spaces such as plazas. Currently, The District-Centennial has one 306-unit luxury apartment building named The Glenn. Two additional luxury apartment buildings, Hensley (304 units) and Keene (306 units) are under construction. The remaining 28 acres is vacant, undeveloped land.

Note: In April 2021, the project formerly known as the Jones District was officially renamed the District-Centennial.

Centennial City Council approved an amendment to the Jones District's Regulating Plan(PDF, 22MB) (zoning) in November 2019. The Jones District Community Authority Board (CAB) and Jones Metropolitan District were established in 2020 to provide certain services and maintenance within The District-Centennial.

To find out more about Brue-Baukol's vision for the District-Centennial, visit the project page.