The District-Centennial

This is a conceptual rendering of The Jones District.

The District-Centennial is a 42-acre area west of I-25 between IKEA and the Dry Creek light rail station owned by Denver-based Brue-Baukol Capital Partners. The District-Centennial is envisioned as a dynamic, mixed-use area, similar to The Streets at SouthGlenn, featuring a network of walkable blocks, active streets, and public gathering spaces such as plazas. Currently, The District-Centennial has one new building, a 306-unit luxury apartment building named The Glenn, while the remaining 36 acres is vacant, undeveloped land.

Note: In April 2021, the project formerly known as the Jones District was officially renamed the District-Centennial.

Centennial City Council approved an amendment to the Jones District's Regulating Plan(PDF, 22MB) (zoning) in November 2019 and Brue-Baukol is in the process of creating a metropolitan district to facilitate further development within the District-Centennial.

To find out more about Brue-Baukol's vision for the District-Centennial, visit the project page.