Short Term Rental Program


What is a Short-Term Rental (STR)

Short-term rentals are residential living spaces available to rent for short amounts of time. Shorter than a traditional lease, these range from 1-29 days. Short-term rentals are also commonly called vacation rentals.

Legal Definition

Short-term rental means the rental for monetary consideration of a residential dwelling unit, or portion thereof, with or without a morning meal, excluding hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, for periods of less than thirty (30) days, including but not limited to, a single-family dwelling, duplex, townhome, condominium, or similar dwelling. The term short-term rental shall not include the rental of a dwelling unit to the former owner immediately following the transfer of ownership of such dwelling unit and prior to the former owner vacating the dwelling unit.

Centennial STR Rules & Regulations

In September 2021, Centennial City Council approved an ordinance(PDF, 3MB) regulating short term rentals in the City. The specific rules are:

  • All STR’s in the City of Centennial must maintain an active STR license with the City.
  • Centennial has an occupancy limit of 2 STR renters per bedroom, with 8 renters per property maximum.
  • No gathering can have attendees greater in number than two times the relevant occupancy limit (ex. no more than 12 in attendance in a three bedroom house).
  • STR’s are not allowed in accessory dwelling units (ADUs).
  • STR properties are required to provide (2) off-street parking spaces for renters.
  • Centennial Neighborly Renter Rules(PDF, 2MB) must be posted near the front door of the rental property and another laminated copy must be left in a prominent place in the kitchen.
  • Each neighbor with an adjoining property or across the street must be provided with the Centennial Neighborly Owner Contact Handout(PDF, 2MB).