Businesses and Homelessness

A hand reaching out to help another person

The City of Centennial is committed to a balanced approach to address the needs of those experiencing homelessness with the need to maintain the safety and health of our residents and businesses.

Business owners in Centennial, like in many other cities, may face challenges related to homelessness including trespassing and people camping on their private property. Unfortunately, there are no easy or quick solutions to this complex regional issue, but there are some actions that business owners can take to minimize the negative impacts of transients and individuals experiencing homelessness.

  • Report trespassing or unauthorized camping to Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office (ACSO)
  • Establish, post, and enforce rules of conduct for public use of your private property
  • Implement lighting and security measures
  • Keep your property well-maintained, free from debris, and uninviting for encampments
  • Trim landscaping and tree canopies to eliminate hiding places
  • Lock or turn off exterior power outlets and water spigots
  • Do not allow anyone to camp or store personal belongings on your property
  • Use caution if offering food or money as this may encourage more panhandling

If you encounter trespassing or a homeless encampment on your property, call ACSO’s non-emergency at 303-795-4711 to report the situation. Be prepared to provide details about the location and the number of individuals involved.

If trespassing or unwanted camping continues to occur on your property, you can sign a no-trespass agreement with the ACSO where you will be asked  to post no trespass signs on your property. This agreement allows ACSO to enforce on your private property without you having to report it. Property and Business owners are responsible for maintaining their own private property, including encampment cleanup and abatement.

The City’s Homeless Outreach Liaison may be available to connect people experiencing homelessness with available resources and services to  help them find housing, employment, health care, and other needs. Depending on availability, the Liaison may need to follow up at a later date.

The City strives to maintain a safe, comfortable and healthy community where residents and businesses thrive.  If you would like to learn more about the City’s response to homelessness or other general topics call the City's Citizen Response Center at 303-325-8000 or email