Sponsorships and Donations

To request that the City sponsor your event or activity, please see below. To be a sponsor of City events, please see the sponsorship information under the Special Events section of our website.

The City is committed to being a good steward of taxpayer money while still supporting organizations that benefit the community. The majority of sponsorships/donations approved by the City are of an in-kind nature, involving the waiving of fees or contribution of goods/services. For full details and criteria, please see the City's Sponsorship/Donation Policy(PDF, 87KB).

Please note that the City will NOT consider requests from the following:

  • Groups not located within the City and/or not providing a benefit to Centennial citizens 
  • Individuals
  • Religious or political groups
  • Groups that discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or national origin

For profit and corporate entities should contact the City's Economic Development Division for information on economic development incentives and partnerships.

Sponsorship/Donation Types

City sponsorship/donation requests are divided into the three different categories listed below. Please select one of the categories for more information and to access the online request form. 

Schools & School-Related Groups
In-Kind Sponsorships/Donations
Monetary Sponsorship/Donation