Request Residential Ice Removal

We track ice build-up on streets and remove ice when conditions warrant.

Review the criteria and instructions below to request residential ice cutting service.


Step 1.Understand Ice Cutting Criteria

Criteria used to identify the highest priority locations:

  • Ice build-up in the travel lane - or -
  • Ice forming in the gutter and forcing water onto the sidewalk.

Note: The removal of ice build-up will typically occur one time per location. More ice cutting service may be provided based on the winter season and the number of locations needing ice removal.

Step 2.Request Ice Removal Service in Your Area

Call us at 303-325-8000, or use the "Report a Problem" tool.

Step 3.What Happens Next

  • We inspect all reported locations to determine if ice cutting services are warranted.
  • Once inspected and criteria is met, the City will add the location to the list of areas in need of ice removal.
  • We will notify you of the timeframe ice cutting will occur.
  • You may need to move vehicles parked on the street.