Support Home Rule and Local Control

Published on March 01, 2024

Local Control Matter! Learn why it's important for Centennial to make decisions locally!

We believe the decisions that shape our City should be made right here, by the people who live and work here every day.

HB24-1152, HB24-1304, HB24-1313 and similar bills diminish our local control, restrict our capacity to make decisions tailored to our community’s best interests, and enforce standardized solutions that fail to consider Centennial's unique needs.

To help residents engage, we’ve created a civic action tool that helps you easily locate and contact your legislators. Just click below, complete the form, and send your message.

Email your legislators today and tell them you support local control.

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Bills of Concern

HB24-1152: This bill seeks to standardize regulations around Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) across the state, overriding any local ADU ordinances. It conflicts with Centennial's draft ordinance that requires 1 off-street parking spot for all ADUs.

HB24-1313: This bill mandates a minimum of 40 residential units per acre within 1/2 mile of light rail stations, including Arapahoe, Dry Creek, and County Line Light Rail Stations in Centennial. 

Non-compliance could result in loss of critical funds used for street maintenance and operations.

HB24-1304: This bill prohibits municipalities from having minimum off-street parking requirements for all land use types, suggesting Centennial create a public street parking program.

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