Design & Construction Standards

This is an image of the cover to the Roadway Design and Construction Standards

The Manual

The 2016 City of Centennial Roadway Design and Construction Standards (the Manual) is the primary standard for infrastructure design and used in conjunction with the 2014 Public Works Right-of-Way Regulations to dictate construction standards within the City. 

The Manual was adopted by City Council and became effective on August 17, 2016. In 2018, updates to the Manual were completed and were effective as of May 24, 2018. View the Centennial Roadway Design and Construction Standards Manual(PDF, 6MB)

Capital Improvements

The following items were created to aid in the Capital Improvement Construction Document design and production process and to create consistency between City documents.

Private Development

Design and construction related to private development will be required to go through a Community Development Planning & Engineering process. Learn more about Community Development Construction Document requirements.