Marijuana Regulations

Regulations Rules

The City of Centennial adopted the following medical, adult and recreational marijuana use regulations.

Medical Marijuana

  • Medical marijuana dispensaries and commercial businesses are prohibited in the City of Centennial.
  • The City regulates the manner in which medical marijuana is cultivated, produced, possessed, or processed within a primary residence by a patient or a primary care-giver.
  • The City’s regulations on medical marijuana are located in Article 6 of Chapter 6 of the Centennial Municipal Code.

Adult Use/Recreational Marijuana

  • Marijuana cultivation facilities, marijuana product manufacturing facilities, marijuana testing facilities, retail marijuana stores, and marijuana clubs are prohibited in the City Centennial.
  • The City regulates marijuana grown for personal use in a primary residence so as to promote safety and mitigate negative impacts from residential marijuana growing.
  • These regulations closely resemble the medical marijuana provisions for primary residential use adopted by the City in 2011.
  • The City has prohibited the possession, consumption, use, display, transfer, distribution, sale, transportation, or growing of marijuana on City owned or leased property such as the Civic Center and Centennial Center Park.
  • The City has also prohibited the location and operation of marijuana enterprises such as marijuana and/or marijuana product vending machines.
  • The City’s regulations on adult use marijuana are located in Article 5 of Chapter 6 of the Centennial Municipal Code.