Don Sheehan

Council Member, District 4

Get to Know Council Member Don Sheehan

With its consistent recognition as one of Colorado’s safest communities—with all the city amenities, District 4 Council Member Don Sheehan has called Centennial home since the ‘90s. Taking notice of the City’s well-run structure with innovative plans for future growth, Don was appointed to Centennial’s Senior Commission in 2018. While serving the commission and familiarizing himself with City operations, City Council Members, the Mayor, and City employees, he felt his call to government service. As a result, he successfully ran to represent District 4 in 2018. As District 4’s Council Member, Don understands Centennial faces growth challenges like every Colorado community and is proud to serve the City and guide it into a new decade.

In addition to his service as District 4’s Council Member, Don enjoys the great Colorado outdoors and lifestyle, from hiking and kayaking to 4x4 exploration of the backcountry. He can also cook a decent meal! A self-proclaimed ‘want-to-be fly fisherman’ working to develop his golf game eventually, Don is also a sporting clay enthusiast who spends time traveling, jamming to music and adding to his collection of political buttons. Council Member Sheehan is a graduate of Mount Union University and holds a B.A. in Business Administration.

Community Involvement

Appointments to Liaisons Organizations / Agencies

  • Arapahoe Park and Recreation District
  • Aurora Chamber- Defense Council

Appointments to Outside Organizations

  • Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable Committee
  • Colorado Municipal League Public Policy Committee
  • Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority

Additional and Past Involvement

  • Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, Victim Advocate Volunteer
  • Colorado Boy Scouts, Volunteer
  • Operation Turkey, Volunteer
  • The Salvation Army, Volunteer
  • Wings over the Rockies Aviation Museum, Volunteer