Park and Recreation Districts

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South Suburban Parks and Recreation District

family fishing in south suburban parks open space

South Suburban Parks and Recreation District (SSPRD) provides services for residents living in central and west portions of Centennial. The Park District has more than 100 parks, 100+ miles of trails and 3,800 acres of open space. Highlights include the Goodson Recreation Center, a full-service facility, located on S. University Blvd. near Arapahoe Rd. The Family Sports Center on Peoria St. includes the Sports Dome and Family Sports Golf Course.



Arapahoe Park and Recreation District 

skateboarder at Trails Rec Center

The Arapahoe Park and Recreation District (APRD) provides services to residents who live generally east of Parker Rd. and north of Arapahoe Rd. Arapahoe Park and Recreation District has 14 parks, approximately 14 miles of trails and maintains more than 300 acres of open space. Most popular features include the Trails Recreation Center and neighboring skate park. APRD is actively developing additional park locations, trails and refurbishing other parks.


map of recreation districts


Funds to support development and maintenance of these parks are raised through mill levies on district residents. The City contributes a large amount of its Arapahoe County Share-back and Conservation Trust Funds (CFT) to improve these parks.

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