2023 Council Candidates and Election FCPA Forms


Candidates for November 7, 2023 City Council

You may access contact information, such as phone numbers, email and website addresses, by clicking on the Candidate’s Affidavit and/or Committee Registration forms filed by each Candidate. All affidavits and forms are available online, if you would like to inspect them in person, please contact the City Clerk to schedule an appointment. Due to the nature of converting spreadsheets to PDF, such documents may not completely mirror the original formatting. If you wish to inspect any original document, you can access them at the City Clerk's office between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or by contacting Barbara Setterlind, bsetterlind@centennialco.gov, for a scheduled time.

Voter information for this Election is available at www.arapahoevotes.gov.  

Candidate Forms

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Submit the FCPA Form online

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Report of Contributions and Expenditures(XLSX, 2MB)

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Instructions for Report of Contributions and Expenditures   (PDF, 197KB) 
Report of Contributions and Expenditures (PDF, 448KB) 
Candidate Statement of Non-Receipt Contributions(PDF, 130KB)  
Statement of Personal Expenditures by a Candidate (PDF, 137KB)
Major Contribution Report(PDF, 21KB)


Submit Using Word Document:

Instructions for Report of Contributions and Expenditures (PDF, 197KB)  
Report of Contributions and Expenditures(DOC, 178KB)
Candidate Statement of Non-Receipt Contributions(DOC, 58KB)
Statement of Personal Expenditures by a Candidate(DOC, 68KB)  
Major Contribution Report
(DOC, 36KB)


Candidates for Centennial City Council:

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View Candidates for District 2

Christine Sweetland 

Rick Rome

Kevin Biehl (Candidate withdrew from Election)

Withdrawal Affidavit(PDF, 188KB)

Christine Sweetland headshot

Rick Rome Headshot

Mr. Biehl's name will appear on the ballot (CMC Sec. 2-6-210).

All votes casted will not be counted. 

Candidate Affidavit(PDF, 1MB)

  Committee Registration Form(PDF, 2MB)

FCPA Filing #1(PDF, 435KB)

FCPA Filing #2(PDF, 994KB)

FCPA Filing #3(PDF, 929KB)

  Candidate Affidavit(PDF, 1MB)

Committee Registration Form(PDF, 865KB)

FCPA Filing #1(PDF, 102KB)

FCPA Filing #2(PDF, 188KB)

FCPA Filing #3(PDF, 174KB)


Write in Candidate 


 Write in Candidate Affidavit

Priscilla Rutledge(PDF, 1MB)

FCPA Filing #1(PDF, 106KB)

FCPA Filing #2(PDF, 106KB)

FCPA Filing #3(PDF, 750KB)