Housing Cost and Availability in Centennial


The City of Centennial has launched a Housing Study to explore housing costs and availability in Centennial and to understand the entire spectrum of housing issues, define various needs for housing and identify priorities to potentially inform policy.

The Housing Needs Assessment identified four key needs in Centennial:

  • Increase housing production to accommodate projected household and employment growth
  • Accommodate more missing middle housing types for small-scale ownership opportunities
  • Address existing gap for low-income renters (income <$35,000)
  • Target affordable homeownership and rental strategies toward price points Centennial workers can afford

This study is a major undertaking that prioritizes community input and collaboration among a wide range of community stakeholders. This work is funded in part by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.

Policies Being Explored

The Housing Study and Policy Development Project is currently exploring three strategies that could influence the housing options and opportunities in Centennial. The strategies are progressing on separate timelines, and updates will be posted here and shared with the housing newsletter as available.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Centennial City Council is exploring regulations related to Accessory Dwelling Unit policies in Centennial. For more details about how Accessory Dwelling Units generally operates, see Strategy 101 Accessory Dwelling Units(PDF, 1MB).

Inclusionary Zoning

Centennial City Council is exploring the impact of adopted inclusionary zoning policies in other communities. For more details about how Inclusionary Zoning generally operates, see Strategy 101 Inclusionary Zoning(PDF, 373KB).

Land Banking

Centennial City Council is exploring the operating requirements of adopted Land Bank policies in other communities. For more details about how Land Banking generally operates, see Strategy 101 Land Bank(PDF, 425KB).

How Did We Get Here?

The Housing Study and Policy Development Project started in spring 2021. City Council, the public and housing stakeholders uncovered Centennial’s housing challenges and evaluated strategies to address these concerns.

For a summary of the housing conversation to date, please see Visual Housing Project Timeline(PDF, 607KB)

Get Involved

Share your thoughts about any of these strategies or email comments to housing@centennialco.gov or contact 303-754-3308.

Past Housing Documents

Public Comments and Feedback

Thank you for your input and feedback during phase two of outreach. Phase two outreach concluded on November 3, 2022.

2021 Housing Research Efforts

City Council heard from a variety of local housing experts from across the Metro Denver Region. The following are some of the takeaways found here(PDF, 130KB).

South Metro Denver Housing Tour: Exploration through the South Metro Denver area of a variety of housing types and price points.

2022 Housing Research Efforts

Housing Needs Assessment

The Housing Needs Assessment has been completed. If you wish to provide feedback on the Housing Needs Assessment, please email it to housing@centennialco.gov

Community Housing Strategies Summary Report 

The Community Housing Strategies Summary Report serves as a summary of all work undertaken through the Housing Study and Policy Development Project in 2022. This report is a reference for the public to describe the research completed to date and a guide for the City if Council wishes to pick up exploration of any strategy at a future date.

Past Housing Presentations

Who's Involved?

In addition to open public outreach, four formal groups/types of groups will be convened over the next year to help guide the Housing Study process. Learn about who's involved and more here.

Neighborhood Workshop Meeting:

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting:

  • Listen to the April 26, 2023 meeting here.
  • Listen to the March 22, 2023 presentation here.
  • Listen to the December 14, 2022, discussion on strategies, meeting here.

Past Housing Council Presentations:

  • View the April 18, 2023, Centennial City Council meeting here.
  • View the March 21, 2023 agenda packet hereNote: Housing was removed from the agenda to allow extended public comment on other projects. Housing materials are available in the Agenda Packet. The presentation would have been the same as the Planning and Zoning Commission presentation held on March 22, 2023.
  • View January 17, 2023 presentation here(PDF, 3MB).
  • View November 14, 2022 presentation here(PDF, 2MB).
  • View August 17, 2022 presentation here(PDF, 2MB).
  • View July 11, 2022 presentation here(PDF, 2MB).
  • View June 6, 2022 presentation here(PDF, 3MB).
  • View May 1, 2023 presentation here(PDF, 2MB).
  • View May 8, 2023 presentation here(PDF, 9MB).
  • View May 9, 2023 presentation here(PDF, 2MB).
  • View June 13, 2023 presentation here(PDF, 2MB).

Past Housing Working Group Presentations:

Past Housing Workshop Presentations:

October 4, 2022 Workshop:

August 9, 2022 Workshop: 

May 17, 2022 Workshop: