Request a Development Pre-submittal Meeting

paper, pencil & ruler

Thinking about developing or redeveloping in the City? If so, a development pre-submittal meeting will be required.

A pre-submittal meeting provides an applicant the opportunity to present a conceptual plan to City Staff and receive general comments on the feasibility of the plan.

Applicants will also gain an understanding of the development review process. A formal development application will not be accepted before a pre-submittal meeting.


Step 1.Review Required Information

Step 2.Gather Required Materials:

Letter of Intent

  • Relevant background information
  • Current status of the site and all proposed new or modified structures
  • Any relevant information about easements or dedicated tracts, etc..
  • Size of development site and anticipated disturbed area

Sketch Plan

  • Location of proposed improvements
  • Current and proposed zoning
  • Maximum densities/units per acre
  • Building heights and setbacks
  • Natural features
  • Amount and location of open space and landscaping
  • Street layout and access points
  • Internal traffic and circulation
  • On and off-site drainage
  • Type and location of proposed uses 

Step 3.Submit Your Application 

Submit a complete application and pay for your pre-submittal application using the online Self-Service Portal.


Please note: Both the application materials and pre-submittal fee must be received before a pre-submittal meeting will be scheduled with a Planner.

Step 4.We Will Contact You

After a complete application has been submitted, a Planner will contact the applicant to schedule the meeting.

Pre-submittal meetings are one hour in length and held every Wednesday between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. If a complete application is received by 5 p.m. on Wednesday of any week, it will be scheduled for a pre-submittal meeting in two weeks on a Wednesday between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. In the event that all time slots are booked, it will be scheduled for the next available Wednesday.


If you have questions, call us at 303-754-3308.