Apply for Neighborhood Traffic Management

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Are you concerned about speeding or cut-thru traffic in your neighborhood? The City wants to keep neighborhoods safe for pedestrians.

Centennial has a comprehensive Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP). The intent is to create solutions for responding to neighborhood traffic mitigation requests.

The program's primary objectives are to:

  • Improve traffic safety on neighborhood streets by reducing speeding and cut-through traffic
  • Foster pedestrian safety
  • Efficiently allocate the use of public resources
  • Encourage citizen involvement in solutions to neighborhood traffic problems


NTMP Application Process Overview

Step 1.Apply

Resident applies to the program through the Citizen Response Center, 303-325-8000.

Step 2.Receive Official Application

The City sends an application to the resident. If requested, a copy of the NTMP manual will also be sent.

Step 3.Return the Completed Application

The Resident returns the completed NTMP application to the City within 30 days.

Step 4.We Collect Data

The City collects data to determine if the application qualifies for the program.

Step 5.If you Qualify

Qualifying applications become eligible for advanced traffic calming improvements.