Traffic Box Art Wrap Program

colorful art wrapped traffic box at an intersection

In 2021, the City implemented a Traffic Box Art Wrap pilot program with the goal of enhancing community character and celebrating Centennial’s identity and tying public art to our history. Under this program, vinyl murals were designed, printed and installed on 20 of the 88 Centennial-owned traffic control boxes distributed across the City. 

In 2023 and 2024, the Centennial Arts and Cultural Foundation partnered with the City to invite, review and select community artists to display their creativity on the Traffic Box Wraps throughout the city.

The traffic box art is meant to contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of our community, deter graffiti, add to the vibrancy of our cityscape and create a sense of place and identity.


The City contracted with a professional artist for the initial pilot year and commissioned designs intended to reflect Centennial’s Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Plan.

Vision: The City of Centennial is a connected community where neighborhoods matter, education is embraced, businesses are valued, and innovation absolute.

Mission: Driven to provide exceptional service to the Centennial community.

Core Values: Collaborative, Intentional, Service Oriented and Innovative.

View the five approved designs.(PDF, 30MB)


Designs have been intentionally distributed geographically across the entire City to be equally enjoyed by all residents. For the initial year, reports of graffiti removal from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office helped influence location selection.

View one of the first twenty wrapped traffic boxes at the following intersections:

  1. Arapahoe and Race
  2. Arapahoe and Colorado
  3. Arapahoe and Holly
  4. Arapahoe and Quebec
  5. Dry Creek and Monaco
  6. Dry Creek and Eudora
  7. Dry Creek and University Towne Center
  8. Dry Creek and Arapahoe High School
  9. Dry Creek and Franklin
  10. Otero and Holly
  11. Yosemite and County Line Shops
  12. Havana and Peakview
  13. Briarwood and Potomac
  14. Jordan and Fremont
  15. Orchard and Ida
  16. Smoky Hill and Tower
  17. Himalaya and Reservoir
  18. Himalaya and Crestline
  19. Smoky Hill and Liverpool
  20. Arapahoe and Himalaya Way