Electric Vehicles in Centennial

Image of electric car charging at Centennial Civic Center

Centennial is committed to using innovative, collaborative, and cost-effective solutions to become a leader in electric vehicle (EV) adoption and infrastructure deployment.

In 2020, the City of Centennial developed its first EV Action Plan through Xcel Energy Partners in Energy.

The plan sets a goal to increase the number of EVs in Centennial zip codes to 18,000 by 2030, from a baseline of 2,000 in 2020. This goal represents Centennial’s contribution toward the state’s target of 940,000 EVs by 2030 as part of the Colorado EV Plan 2020.

Ready to Make the Switch to EVs?

Whether you are a resident, property owner, or business, we have resources to help you learn about the benefits of making the switch to EVs and installing EV chargers.

Supporting Xcel Energy's Electric Vehicle Vision:

Achieving an ambitious vision of powering 20 percent of vehicles with clean, affordable electricity by 2030 won’t happen overnight, and we can’t do it alone. That’s why key players in the electric transportation industry have formulated a plan. Together, we can realize savings and cleaner air for everyone. Xcel Energy's electric vehicle vision is supported by the City of Centennial and dozens of leading automakers, environmental organizations and EV technology companies. 

You can learn more about Xcel Energy's electric vehicle vision here