Neighborhood Engagement Grant

colorful image of houses, trees and clouds with the words neighborhood engagement grant

1. Overview

The Neighborhood Engagement Grant provides small monetary grants to residents, HOAs and community organizations located in Centennial to support community building events such as neighborhood block parties, movie nights and social gatherings. Grant recipients may receive up to $500 per event to assist in covering costs.

Applications will open on April 2, 2024, please check back for updates.

2. Key Details

  • Date, time, location of each event must take place within the City of Centennial
  • Events should be open to community members and are to include various residents
  • Events need to adhere to all applicable codes and regulations
  • Applications will be processed until all funds have been exhausted for the year and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis
  • Application must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the event date

3. Application Checklist

  • A detailed description of the proposed event, its impact on the community and how this will further our goals of community improvement, engagement and beautification
  • Date, time and location of proposed event
  • Name and contact information of payee or representative providing receipts for purchases to City
  • Permits: Is an amplified sound permit needed? Will streets need to be closed? All licenses and permits must be completed according to City guidelines. Associated fees will be waived
  • How this proposed project will be communicated to and agreed upon by residents

Applications will open on April 2, 2024, please check back for updates.

4. Projects That Do Not Qualify

  • Events associated with Private, Educational, Political or Religious organizations
  • Funds may not be used to purchase alcohol or other controlled substances
  • Private events
  • No more than one grant will be awarded per event