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Ignite Your Ideas and "Spark Centennial"

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The City of Centennial has created Spark Centennial, a pilot program that provides the community the resources to create temporary one-of-a-kind pop-up events. The City will assist citizens in the development of these events to help to spark interaction and connect the community by bringing new life to Centennial’s shopping centers.

The City will provide planning resources and up to $4,000 to make your pop-up place a reality. 

Your Spark Centennial pop-ups will:
•            Spark Curiosity – by creating events people are interested in attending
•            Spark Connection – by inspiring people to interact in meaningful ways
•            Spark Pride – by developing a sense of belonging to the Centennial community
•            Spark Investment – by demonstrating what is possible for Centennial’s future

We would love to see one-of-a-kind creative events! Examples of Spark Centennial pop-up places might include:
•            Peanut Butter & Jelly Festival
•            An event to beat the Guinness World Record for most balloons suspended by static electricity (Current record is 415 balloons.)
•            Temporary art café in a vacant storefront with public art lessons
•            A neighborhood gratitude tunnel 
•            Host a watch party for an e-sporting event
•            Giant Board Game Tournament
•            Create a temporary youth maker space and science lab

You! Everyone! Anyone is invited to submit ideas for Spark Centennial pop-ups that will draw people to our shopping centers. 
We encourage applications from students (with the support of an adult), HOAs and Civic Associations, and businesses. Applicants do not need to live in Centennial, but should demonstrate a tie to Centennial. Pop-ups must be held within or near Centennial shopping centers.

Events must be held in 2019. We encourage you to send us your ideas early. Funding will be offered on a rolling, competitive basis and may run out. 
The City anticipates fueling pop-ups that last a few hours up to 8 months. 

Pop-ups will be held in Centennial shopping centers. We encourage you to consider how you might use a public outdoor space, like a parking lot, and/or indoor space, such as a vacant store or storefront. 

Centennial is dedicated to creating a unique sense of community pride by developing memorable places and experiences bringing the community together. These pop-ups seek to increase visibility and interest to the City’s shopping centers and capture the curiosity of visitors.


Step 1: Spark
Submit The First Spark: Idea Statement. This idea statement should take less than an hour to complete. 
If your idea is selected, a City representative will reach out to you based on the timeline outlined above. 

Step 2: Fuel
Your City representative will schedule a time to review and discuss project details, budget, goals, and partners with you. You’ll formalize these details by submitting an Action Plan, and your City representative will help secure any necessary City approvals and permits.  

Step 3: Build
You will receive funds from the City, organize your volunteers, prepare your space, and invite your friends and neighbors to join you on the big day.

Step 4: Blaze
Hold your event! 

Step 5: Pass the torch
Let us know how your event went. Write a blog post, make a video, or post a Snapchat story that demonstrates success of the event. Tell us what we need to know to make our next pop-ups more successful.

Learn more and submit an idea statement today at centennialco.gov/spark 

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