Foxridge GID Fence Replacement Project

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The Foxridge General Improvement District (FGID) was formed by the Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners in 1990 to maintain certain public improvements within specific boundaries of the Foxridge neighborhood. In accordance with Arapahoe County Resolution No. 1576-90(PDF, 490KB), the FGID is “authorized to construct, install, acquire, repair, replace and maintain fencing, sprinkler systems, trees, shrubs, sidewalks, grass, decorative stones, entrance markers, benches, lighting systems and general landscaping items…” 

The FGID is a separate entity from the Foxridge Improvement Association. Since its formation, the FGID has primarily maintained certain landscaping, monument signs and fencing within its boundaries. Most of the fence maintained by the FGID was installed by the developer(s) after the initial housing was constructed with no specific plan for maintenance or replacement. 


Foxridge GID – Fence Project Update

Construction of the Foxridge GID fence replacement project was completed in July 2021. Construction wrapped up a month ahead of schedule and almost $80,000 under the amount asked for and approved by voters in November 2019.

Staff first began discussing the fence project with the FGID Board back in 2017. Construction commenced in December 2020. The contractor was Split Rail Fencing and the project was overseen by City Staff, the FGID representatives, and employees from Farnsworth Group.


Fence Discoloration Issue

The Foxridge GID has experienced some discoloration issues with the recently installed fence. City Staff and the Foxridge GID representative have been working with the manufacturer, Trex, on a resolution. Trex previously recommended the City allow additional time for weatherization of the materials before submitting a claim.

Staff formally submitted a defective materials claim with Trex in April 2022, along with photographic evidence showing the discoloration issue over time. Trex has requested additional time to review the claim and has not yet provided an estimated timeline for making a final decision.

City Staff recognizes the frustration the neighborhood’s residents are experiencing with the discoloration and will continue to work on this issue until a resolution is found. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Patrick Fleming at (303) 754-3319 or


Fence Project Expenses (rounded)

Construction $1,683,500
Design, Engineering, Construction Management $45,000
Project Administration Fee (City Staff Time) $87,500
Bond Financing Costs $36,800
Landscape Maintenance $22,500
Total Expenses $1,875,300
Original Amount Authorized $1,955,000
Variance from Budget $79,700


Loan Details

Principal Amount: $1,955,000
Rate (Maturities 2020 - 2035): 2.19%
Rate (Maturities 2036 - 2039): Variable - not to exceed 5%
Total Estimated Principal and Interest: $2,451,950



Foxridge residents voted to approve Ballot Issue 6B in the November 2019 election by a margin of 54% to 46%. Registered voters living in or owning property in the District were eligible to vote. The ballot question sought voter approval to take on $1,955,000 in debt to pay for the replacement of the District's fence and to increase taxes to repay that debt. The question also asked voters to authorize the District to keep and retain the debt proceeds and tax revenues as revenues not subject to the limitations in TABOR.