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All comments are due by October 16, 2020.

  1. Rhonda Livingston
    On behalf of CenCON (Centennial Council of Neighborhoods) and as CenCON VP of Plans Review, there are concerns from our members regarding parking. The site plan does not clearly show where the parking will be and there should be plenty of parking for residents, guests, deliveries, etc. The 65 spaces mentioned in the overall description is clearly not enough for this type of residential area. It is also not clear where trash dumpsters and enclosures are proposed.
    1. Greg Saia
      Thank you for your question. The City Code requires 2 spaces per unit, which are provided for in the 2 car attached garage on each unit. Additionally, City Code requires 1 guest parking space for every 4 attached units. As we are proposing 192 units, a total of 48 off street guest spaces are required. The plan originally showed only 37 off street spaces, with the remaining 28 spaces on street (making the 65 spaces referenced in your comment). We have since adjusted our plan to accommodate an additional 18 off street parking spaces for a total of 55 off street parking spaces, which will exceed the min requirement.

      Trash dumpsters will be placed within landscaped areas of the site. Each dumpster location will be fully screened with walls that match the materials of the adjacent building and will contain a solid door in front.
  2. Rhonda Livingston
    I am testing this page because I do not see previous comments that I submitted and that others have submitted.
  3. Andrea Suhaka
    There is no indication of the number of acres. The density seems extreme. There are definitely too many units crammed into a small space. If it's under 10/acre, I'd be surprised. 10/acre should be the absolute maximum!
    1. Greg Saia
      Thank you for your comment. The site is surveyed at 25.2468 acres. We are proposing 192 units, this would equate to 7.6 du/acres, well under the max density allowed by City Code of 11.6 du/acres for the RU zone district.