Transportation Master Plan


The process of updating Centennial’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) began in March 2021 and concluded with a final plan adopted in May 2022. The TMP sets a vision for what transportation should look like in the years to come while guiding the City's investments through the next two decades. 

Visit the Transportation Master Plan page to view the final TMP and more.

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  1. Review the Current & Future Conditions Report(PDF, 16MB) to learn about our multimodal transportation network as it stands today and get a glimpse of 2040 population, household, and employment forecasts that will inform the TMP. View a snapshot of highlights(PDF, 177KB).
  2. Review the draft goals for the TMP(PDF, 165KB) and complete a brief survey to provide input on what the City should be prioritizing.
  3. View a video created to introduce you to Phase 1 of the Transportation Master Plan project.
  4. Review the technical evaluation of Centennial’s multimodal transportation system(PDF, 16MB) which highlights transportation needs in our community.
  5. View the Phase 1 Public Engagement Summary(PDF, 7MB).
  6. View the Phase 2 Public Engagement Summary(PDF, 7MB).
  7. Review the draft 2040 TMP(PDF, 17MB).
  8. Review the draft 2040 TMP Executive Summary(PDF, 5MB).
  9. Review the Plan on a Page(PDF, 646KB).


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