NTMP: S Flanders Ct.


Welcome to Virtual Meeting #2 for S Flanders Ct! After reviewing your feedback from the first meeting, Traffic Engineering Services (TES) would like to present you with options for your street. Take a look at them and let us know which ones you prefer. Keep scrolling down for directions on how to submit your comments.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings, the City of Centennial has developed a virtual community meeting process which utilizes mailings and online resources.

What is the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP)?

The City adopted an NTMP program to address residents’ concerns about traffic speeds, cut-through volumes, and pedestrian safety on residential streets. The NTMP is designed to be a collaborative effort between City traffic engineers and neighborhood residents. Residents living on or near S Flanders Ct applied to the program and were approved for inclusion in the 2021 NTMP. Traffic Engineering Services (TES) has been working with residents on coming up with a traffic calming draft plan.

The NTMP has three (3) main steps:

  1. Virtual Meeting #1 – NTMP process overview and initial resident input.
  2. Virtual Meeting #2 – The traffic engineers present traffic calming plan alternatives. The alternatives are designed based on engineering technical standards and residents are asked to provide input. Then, the traffic engineers will finalize the plan.
  3. Final Ballot – Residents vote on the plan. For a traffic plan to pass:

- The City must receive back a minimum 50 percent of the ballots from affected residents (one vote per household).
- Of the 50 percent, two-thirds of the ballot responses must show support (a “YES” vote) for the plan.

Learn more about the NTMP on the traffic page or view the NTMP Manual(PDF, 6MB).

Share Comments on the Draft Plan

You may submit your comments about the S Flanders Ct Traffic Calming Draft Plan to the City by mail or online. All comments are due NO LATER THAN MONDAY, May 10, 2021. The information found on this page is the same information presented in the mailing instructions.

Residents are encouraged to thoroughly read the information presented below and provide comments to the Traffic Engineering Services (TES) team. You are also encouraged to view the Meeting #2 presentation video. Click discussions to share your comments online.


Residents are encouraged to read thoroughly the information presented below and provide comments to the TES team. You are also encouraged to view the Meeting #2 presentation video. Click the button below titled, "Complete Meeting #2 Comment Form," fill out the online comment form.

Complete Meeting #2 Comment Form

View the Community Meeting information

After receiving neighborhood comments, TES will evaluate the need to make modifications to the draft plan. The City will reach out to adjacent property owners to obtain written approval, if needed. TES would need to obtain adjacent property owner approval if the traffic calming device directly impacts the homeowner (speed humps because they’re noisy; ESS because the flashing lights can be a nuisance for some; and curb extensions because installing these means 1 on-street parking spot will be lost).

A final plan will be sent to adjacent property owners later this summer and will include a ballot for residents to vote on the final traffic calming plan.

We would like to thank you for your participation in the NTMP process. We look forward to receiving your comments.

Questions? Contact Traffic Engineering.