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All comments are due by October 9, 2020.

  1. Kevin Lambert
    We discussed the Kum & Go proposed development at the CenCOM meeting a week ago. Two issues come to my mind relative to the developers request for variances.
    1) Time of operation to 24 hours/day. Seems inappropriate to me for the location. Having worked different shifts I didn't have need to access a gas station in the middle of the night or early morning hours. I've only needed access to 24 hour open gas stations along highways when I was driving overnight and had no place to stay. At unnecessary locations, being open after perhaps 10-12 PM and open before 5-6 AM only seems to attract the wrong type of crowd that lead to safety/security issues. I vote no. Lighting and noise are increased for the neighbors which is another negative.
    2) Reducing the size of the parking lot doesn't seem appropriate when the plan for the cook and seating seems to be for a destination restaurant. I vote no.
    1. Krysta Houtchens
      Kevin - Thank you for taking the time to review our project and provide feedback. My name is Krysta Houtchens and I am with the consulting engineering firm representing Kum & Go in this applications. In regards to your questions/comments please see our responses/reasoning behind these aspects of the project.
      1.) The portion of Arapahoe Road that the project site abuts is on the portion that is CDOT State Highway 088B and classified as NR-A (Regional Highway). This regional highway classification is why we consider this location to be adequate for the 24 hour use. This corridor of Arapahoe Rd is a major connection between Parker Road (Highway 83) and I-25 which can see traffic at all times of the day/night. This 24-hour use would be beneficial not only to residents who work different shifts but also people traveling passing by. In particular, the close proximity to Holiday Inn & Suite and Home 2 Suites is beneficial to patrons who may arrive at all hours of the night and the only option for them to stop into for food or fueling is a nearby convenience store. The additional noise and lighting concern is understood, however the nearest residence to the project site is approximately 0.5 miles to the north of the project site. There is also a large industrial facility between the project site and the nearest residence that would shield any lighting and noise that would be anticipated with the proposed development.
      2.)The proposed site provides 41 parking stalls (25 stalls at the c-store and 16 at the pumps) of the City required 52 stall. The City code requires parking is 1 space per employee + 3 spaces per fuel pump + 1 space per 125 sf of convenience store floor area. Our proposed store has a customer accessible floor area of 2,767 sf, which requires 23 parking stalls. The proposed site plan is exceeding this amount that would be affected most by any customers for the convenience store. The reduction in parking requirement is geared more towards the requirement of 3 spaces per pump, meaning since we have 8 pumps 24 stalls are required. Typically customers who use the fueling pumps stay parked in the pump stall to access the convenience store, so the need for the extra on-site parking is not typically required. Kum & Go from an operations standpoint typically requires a parking ratio of 5 stalls per 1,000 sf floor area for a total of 28 parking stalls. The proposed site plan is exceeding typical Kum & Go requirements. In addition, the site has restrictions that do not allow us to provide additional parking. The first is the significant grade difference from Paris Street to the project site. As you can see from the existing site and our proposed layout, the project site sits 4-5 feet above Paris Street. This grade change coupled with utility easement along the eastern property line do not allow us to provide any additional parking on the east side of the site. The second site constraining restriction is the Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA) detention and water quality requirement. There is an existing regional detention and water quality facility that detains and treats stormwater runoff for this site. As a result, the proposed improvements cannot release more stormwater than it does in the existing condition. Essentially we are not able to add any more parking spaces (impervious area) without exceeding the allowed stormwater runoff. The proposed site has incorporated additional onsite water quality measures to account for minor increase in parking (impervious area) to maximum the parking on site. Overall we are confident that the reduction in City parking requirement will not adversely affect the operations of the site or surrounding roadways and residence. There are currently 10+ stores Kum & Go already has in operation in the Denver Metro market that have anywhere from 23-30 actual parking spaces and those stores don’t have any parking issues (similar building
  2. Rhonda Livingston
    Mr. Lambert is correct and we appreciate his comments. We did discuss the Kum & Go site plan and requested variances at the recent CenCON (Centennial Council of Neighborhoods) meeting. On behalf of CenCON members and as VP of Plans Review for CenCON, we are opposed to a 24 hour use at this site. This 24 hour use would change the character of the surrounding area and an additional 24 hour use is not needed along Arapahoe Road. There are already two other west bound (right in/right out only) 24 hour gas stations between Parker Road and I-25 along Arapahoe Road. The community strongly opposed the 24 hour gas station at the east end of this corridor but the City of Aurora approved it despite our concerns and opposition. Regarding the variance request for reduced parking and based on the proposed inside restaurant food service and seating area, we oppose reduced parking at this site. We understand the site is constrained due to storm water control and other utilities. Perhaps there are other options to meet or exceed the city's parking requirements.