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All comments are due by October 27, 2020.

  1. Andrea Suhaka
    This is one of the ugliest multifamily buildings I've ever seen. Even the ugly boxy one for the senior living facility looks better than this. Something must be done to get this up to Centennial aesthetic standards. It's definitely insulting to our City.
    1. Alisha Hammett
      Hi Andrea- the proposed multifamily building will comply with the City’s requirements along with the Jones District Design Guidelines; which sets rigorous aesthetic and building material standards.
  2. Rhonda Livingston
    On behalf of Centennial Council of Neighborhoods (CenCON) and as CenCON VP of Plans Review, we appreciate the opportunity to review this preliminary plan. It seems like a suitable plan for the Jones District, but it is difficult to know if there will be a designated loading/delivery area, where the trash enclosures will be located, what type of plant materials will be included, what type of outdoor spaces will be provided for the residents, if the parking structure will be secured for resident access only and what the building will look like. We look forward to the review of the proposed plan. Thank you.